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KAG Merchant Gas enhances capabilities

May 10, 2022
Division’s Amarillo-based operation adds centralized scheduling center, restructures team to better support drivers

The Kenan Advantage Group (KAG) Merchant Gas division recently added a centralized scheduling center in Amarillo, Texas.

The facility is located adjacent to the company’s rehab shop.

“This is big improvement over our previous, in-field scheduling process,” KAG executive vice president John Frinzi said in a recent post. “We now have a complete, detailed view of our entire network. This view gives us 24/7 monitoring of customer tanks, with full dispatching and improved ability to prioritize drivers and equipment.”

Additionally, the company restructured its organization to provide greater operational support for drivers, including hiring additional managers. “We knew we needed to provide additional touch points for drivers—more people in the organization providing them with the support they need to do their job,” Frinzi said.

“The needs of drivers, like the needs of most people working outside the home, changed dramatically as their lives were disrupted by shutdowns of schools, restaurants, and other day-to-day resources. We all suddenly had many more things to worry about.”

The changes will help KAG retain its drivers and attract new members to its team, KAG said.

“Today, that team is operating more efficiently and is better meeting customer requirements thanks to the enhanced dispatching capabilities provided by our new, centralized scheduling center and a restructured, supportive operation,” Frinzi concluded.

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