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Quala completes PSC acquisition

May 5, 2022
Newly combined organization boasts network of 126 container cleaning and maintenance facilities across North America

Quala recently completed the acquisition of Polar Service Centers (PSC).

The new organization expands the overall footprint for tank washing, maintenance, and parts sales to the broader customer base.

The Quala and PSC teams are actively working to integrate the two organizations and bring together industry-leading operational processes, safety practices, and environmental stewardship, Quala said. Customers will be able interact with a single provider for their fleet for cleaning, repair, maintenance, and inspections, improving utilization and fleet performance.

“Completing this transaction represents a significant investment in the future of the combined organization,” said Scott Harrison, CEO of Quala. “Our customers will soon see the benefits of an expanded service provider supporting this vital industry.”

With a combined network of 126 locations across North America, Quala and PSC will be well positioned to service customers in most service areas. Later this year, the tank washes will be rebranded Quala, and the maintenance facilities will be rebranded PSC in order to eliminate brand confusion among customers.

Additional information about these changes will be available in the coming months.

Customers should not expect any immediate impacts, and any future changes will be communicated in advance, Quala added.

“The combination of Quala and PSC will allow our teams to work closely to deliver industry-leading services to all of our customers,” said Jerry Cignarella, president of PSC. “We are excited about the opportunity to drive operational efficiency across all aspects of the business and identify new service areas for our customers.”

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