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ATRI asks fleets to lend data to operational costs report

April 8, 2022
For participating in the survey, motor carriers for the first time this year will receive customized reports that will serve as intel on peer fleets of the same size and sector in trucking.

The American Transportation Research Institute issued a call on April 5 for motor carriers to participate in ATRI’s annual update to its Operational Costs of Trucking report.

The report collects cost information derived directly from trucking fleets and owner-operators, and it is among the most requested ATRI research studies, according to the research group.

This annual analysis is used as a benchmarking tool by motor carriers of all sizes, according to ATRI. Government agencies also use ATRI’s operational cost analysis to make better-informed transportation planning and infrastructure investment decisions. This year, for the first time ever, motor carriers that participate in data gathering will receive a customized report that compares their fleet’s operational costs to those of peer carriers of the same sector and size.

“ATRI’s Operational Costs report has been a long-standing tool for evaluating our operational efficiencies and identifying where we need to improve,” said Harold Sumerford Jr., CEO of J&M Tank Lines. “The new customized fleet report will be a tremendous value for participating fleets, and I encourage carriers of all sizes to contribute data and take advantage of this great offer from ATRI.”

Among the for-hire fleet metrics being requested by ATRI are driver payfuel costs, insurance premiums and lease or purchase payments. Carriers and owner-operators are asked to provide 2021 cost-per-mile and/or cost-per-hour data using the easy-to-use online data entry form.

For-hire motor carriers are encouraged to provide operational cost data to ATRI by May 13. ATRI’s data collection form, which protects all confidential information, is available here. Participating motor carriers will receive an advance copy of the full report and the new customized fleet report.

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