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No pass, no problem: LTI, Inc. truckers deliver

March 30, 2022
Drivers stranded in western Washington by mountain pass closures stay productive, hauling milk from Lynden to Seattle, salt for roadways

Not even Old Man Winter can idle LTI, Inc.’s professional drivers.

When mountain passes in Washington became impassable and were closed for several days in early January, shutting down traffic and leaving the company’s Moses Lake and Sunnyside drivers stuck on the west side of the state, they simply went to work there.

“We found a way to make the best of it and kept our drivers busy hauling milk from Lynden to the Seattle market,” said Jordan Jansen, LTI, Inc.’s Northwest operations manager. “Whatcom and Skagit County milk was being diverted to the Seattle market, which required extra drivers and equipment, so the help was appreciated.”

The wild weather also created more demand for road salt, which LTI, Inc. drivers made sure was delivered.

“We do our best to fill everyone’s salt order and meet our commitments to (the Washington State Department of Transportation) and other counties and cities. We monitor our salt inventory very closely and purchase more if needed,” Jordan said.

“Our operations and dispatch teams in Seattle did an excellent job routing trucks and getting the salt delivered to customers as quickly as possible.”