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Trucker Path offers ‘new kind of TMS’

March 22, 2022
COMMAND’s Operations & Driver Relationship Platform provides ungraded driver relationship features, advanced management capabilities

Trucker Path recently introduced COMMAND, which the company says is the trucking industry’s “first and only” transportation management system designed to enhance driver relationships and manage operations.

The new Operations & Driver Relationship (ODR) platform combines the driver-centric Trucker Path app, currently in use by more than 1 million drivers, with the operational tools found in commonly used transportation management systems. 

“Our ODR platform is a new kind of TMS that provides unparalleled driver relationship features, advanced management capabilities, and third-party solution integrations to simplify day-to-day tasks while also helping make time on the road better for drivers,” said Chris Oliver, chief marketing officer at Trucker Path. “With COMMAND, drivers no longer have to jump between our popular Trucker Path app and the company TMS system.

“Parking, navigation, track and trace, and operations are all in one place.”

With driver satisfaction a key to success, but retention remaining one of the largest ongoing challenges for trucking operations, the ODR platform can be configured with a customized, company-branded version of the Trucker Path mobile app. To provide drivers with a positive experience, it features information to help make life on the road easier, including:

  • Real-time predictive parking availability at more than 20,000 safe, truck-friendly locations
  • Weigh station status
  • Shipping dock ratings, reviews, photos, amenities, detention reporting and navigation showing exactly where trucks enter/exit the facility
  • Fuel prices at thousands of locations updated multiple times daily
  • Ratings, reviews, photos, and listings of amenities, for 300,000 POIs, including truck stops, rest areas, fuel locations, truck washes and scales, shipping facilities, repair shops, restaurants, hotels, and more

In addition to the common and necessary transportation management tools, this new all-in-one trucking ODR platform includes truck navigation, load and driver management, track and trace, accounting, financial, tax, driver settlement, and maintenance applications, as well as key metric reporting and a customer portal.

“So many TMS products focus almost exclusively on operational functionalities with the driver experience being somewhat of an afterthought. Since the driver is literally ‘where the rubber meets the road’ it just made sense for us to develop a platform that enhances the quality of life for drivers while also providing the operational efficiencies companies need,” Oliver said. “By using what we already had, both in terms of our successful products and our integrations with other popular third-parties and adding commonly needed operational tools we’ve created something that quite honestly should have been in the industry years ago.”

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