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Heniff expands rail transload network

March 18, 2022
Newly upgraded facilities and services in Virginia, Texas, Florida, and Alabama expected to deliver logistics advantages for core customers

Heniff Transportation Systems recently completed physical plant improvements and added service offerings at four transloading locations in the U.S., including Clear Brook, Va., Cleburne, Texas, Bartow, Fla., and Tanner, Ala.

Heniff’s network now includes 28 transloading facilities.

“Given today’s operating environment, our team’s investment decisions were fairly simple on improvements to these strategic locations,” said Bob Heniff, founder and CEO of Heniff. “Together with our customers, we realized that enhanced transloading capabilities would help us improve customer service and address the shared difficulties associated with heightened capacity constraints across the entire trucking industry.”

Through Heniff and its Carry Transit subsidiary, all four rail transloading locations now will offer bulk services for hazardous materials and foodgrade products.

The Clear Brook facility is proximate to Interstate 81 just north of Winchester, Va. The Cleburne operation is south of Fort Worth. The Bartow, transloading operation is situated southwest of Florida’s geographic midpoint, and the Tanner location, which opens in May, is ideally positioned between Birmingham and Nashville.

“These expanded transloading facilities offer multiple advantages to our core customers, their consignees, and our own trucking operations,” said Wes Stone, president and chief commercial officer at Heniff. “With the improved ability to customize our service offerings, we expect to deliver service efficiencies in response times, delivery reliability, and cost rationalization for all parties.

“More importantly, our transloading capabilities will create sustainable environmental benefits through a reduction in our carbon footprint while improving our capacity management, particularly for our professional drivers who will be better positioned regionally to complete the loads.”

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