Premier Lenco Acquisition 2

Lenco joins Heniff’s Canadian group

March 4, 2022
Ontario-based mid-market tank truck hauler of asphalt, propane, bunker oil, and cement to rebrand under Premier Bulk Systems’ umbrella

Premier Bulk Systems, the Canadian division of Heniff Transportation, recently acquired Lenco Tank Truck in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada.

Lenco is a mid-market tank truck operator specializing in the bulk transportation of liquid asphalt, propane, bunker oil, and cement. Lenco will be re-branded under the Premier Bulk Systems umbrella of operating companies, enhancing its existing chemical business with expansions and diversification in the bulk marketplace, the carrier said.

“Premier is a proud company and operates under the same basic founding principals of Lenco,” said Kevin Berry, president of Premier Bulk. “The companies mirror dedication to safety, customer service, and employee values. Our corporate goals and visions are well-aligned right from the beginning. These synergies will bring success to both companies while merging into one. We are extremely excited for the next steps and look forward to welcoming Lenard (Coburn) and his employees into the Premier family.”

Coburn, president and founder of Lenco, will stay with the Premier team for the “foreseeable future” to enhance integration of employees, customers, and core values.

“Lenco is an employee-driven, proud family operation that was founded over 40 years ago,” Coburn said. “We have had success at all levels throughout our history and our next step to success is to transition our family business into Premier’s family. Our drivers are among the best in the industry and having them join the Premier group will further enhance their ability to excel in their careers.

“We have strength in numbers and with Premier’s enhanced focus on infrastructure, technology, and corporate footprint, this merger is the natural-progression next step for Lenco. We are very proud to be joining Premier and look forward to a successful merger.”