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MC Tank enhances trucker pay

Sept. 8, 2021
Ohio-based, family-owned liquid bulk carrier announces compensation increases for company drivers, independent contractors

West Chester, Ohio-based MC Tank recently increased compensation for company drivers and independent contractors.

The family-owned liquid bulk carrier is raising pay for all company drivers by 10.3% to 25%, depending on the service they provide (local, regional, over-the-road, customer-dedicated fleets, etc.), effective Sept. 12.

“This is a significant increase for all drivers, impacting hourly, loaded, and empty mileage, as well as some load/unload pay, too,” said Mike Anderson, MC Tank president.

MC Tank also increased company driver compensation for certain customer-dedicated fleet positions by a minimum of $2,000 on a guaranteed basis.

The company also is boosting independent contractor settlements with help from one of its largest customers, who agreed to increase fuel surcharge pay by approximately 75%, all of which will be passed on to the contractors who haul their shipments. In addition, MC Tank continues to negotiate increases it expects to take effect in coming months.

“Our customers’ commitment to us all, with acceptance of the increased charges will continue to show in our independent contractor settlements,” Anderson said. “We will continue to not only address linehaul revenues but also accessorial revenues that assist in covering operational costs.”

Finally, the company is offering $2,000 referral bonuses to drivers who help onboard new professional truckers who make safety a priority.

“We know you all have continued to work hard through very trying and challenging times,” Anderson said. “Please know that we acknowledge and truly appreciate all your company and independent-contractor efforts every day. We recognize people are our greatest asset, while safety is our most important priority. You, aligned with our core values, have mutually helped to cultivate some great customer relationships.

“Our customers also understand the hard work you are putting in daily, which has resulted in some strong commitments from our customers by approving increases that give me the satisfaction of communicating this increased earning potential for all of you—company and independent contractors.”

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