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Volvo Trucks launches new offering to enhance uptime

July 23, 2021
Through the Volvo Blue Contract service, customers can obtain a comprehensive maintenance program designed to assist in optimizing truck performance and simply maintenance management.

Volvo Trucks North America (VTNA) recently introduced the Volvo Blue Contract service offering, a comprehensive maintenance program designed to improve uptime, assist in optimizing truck performance, and simplify maintenance management for customers and dealers.

The new Volvo Blue Contract provides one premium service plan that replaces existing maintenance plans currently offered to customers. In addition to providing a simplified maintenance solution, fleet operators and drivers will will receive regular maintenance including a comprehensive 74-point inspection.

With monthly or pre-paid billing options, customers can either pay on a recurring basis or up front with the purchase of their truck, either billed directly or through their dealer. Volvo Financial Services (VFS) can bundle the Volvo Blue Contract with their truck payment on a single invoice, allowing the customer to pay the cost of the maintenance contract over time, interest free.

The Volvo Blue Contract includes:

  • 74-point inspection and oil analysis
  • All scheduled engine maintenance, including valve adjustments
  • All scheduled aftertreatment maintenance, including DPF cleaning
  • All scheduled transmission and scheduled axle maintenance
  • All scheduled chassis maintenance
  • Fan belt tensioner and accessory drive belt tensioner replacements
  • Alternator coverage

“Well-maintained trucks increase overall fleet uptime and reduce overall cost of ownership,” said Ashley Murickan, product marketing manager at VTNA. “And a truck that is regularly and proactively inspected and serviced at a Volvo Trucks dealership by professional, trained technicians will likely be a safer truck while in operation. Additionally, the Volvo Blue Contract and its flexible billing options elevate our maintenance offering while simplifying the business transaction, ultimately benefiting both the customer and dealer.”

Select preventative maintenance is included with the Volvo Blue Contract to provide further benefits to customers, allowing customers to have full insight into their trucks’ service costs up front, providing confidence that their fleet maintenance is fully covered under the contract scope. Service schedules are tailored to specific vehicle applications in order to assist with the trucks being in top condition. This maximizes uptime, minimizes unnecessary stops at dealerships and reduces unforeseen repairs.

Additional repairs, such as warranty work or more advanced diagnostics, can be completed under the same roof, so trucks do not need to be removed from operation for separate service visits. Customers also benefit from the high quality of service provided by certified technicians at Volvo Trucks dealerships throughout the U.S. and Canada.

“The Volvo Blue Contract is more comprehensive than any third-party maintenance offering—reducing total cost of ownership—and is supported by more than 400 Volvo Trucks authorized dealer touchpoints across North America,” said Mike Furst, director of contract services and leasing technology solutions at VTNA.