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Ticket portal eliminates paper workflows from operations

July 20, 2021
Command Alkon’s new ticket system, powered by CONNEX, connects partners, enables digital data exchange, collaboration

Command Alkon recently introduced Ticket Portal, powered by CONNEX, which allows materials suppliers, haulers and buyers to accurately access ticket details, such as statuses, load numbers, vehicle and dispatch data, photos, and batch/test results, from a desktop or mobile device.

Bolstered by the CONNEX Platform, which provides real-time visibility across transactions for heavy building materials trading partners, the new ticketing system was designed to address the challenges a paper process delivers, in terms of transparency, collaboration; and financial, business, and operational risks, according to the company.

Suppliers generating tickets from Apex, COMMANDbatch, COMMANDseries, Integra, and Libra can remove paper tickets from supply chain interactions by moving tickets to the CONNEX cloud, with setup in a matter of hours, and no disruption to current business processes. Suppliers with other industry ticketing and dispatch systems also can get “CONNEX Connected” to support construction projects of buyers and/or DOTs adopting the CONNEX approach.

“With the Ticket Portal, trading partners can share common goals via digital workflows that speed up both a buyer and a seller’s operations,” said Chris Strickland, vice president of product management. “This approach enables discrete organizations to work in tight orchestration to meet shared objectives like timeliness, quality, profitability, and service experience all of which improve relationships and increased value.”

Ticket Portal functionality powered by CONNEX includes:

  • Ticketing system integration to CONNEX
  • Inviting trading partners and setup of sharing rules for real-time ticket data viewing via mobile or desktop
  • ePOD – Electronic proof of delivery
  • eTest – Capture test data digitally from the field
  • DOT ticket access – Sharing of ticket data with project owners
  • Ticket export/import capabilities and API
  • Operational dashboards, reporting and essential analytics

Exchanging ticket data via Ticket Portal has strengthened the relationship between Blalock Companies and Sensible Concrete, who is Blalock’s largest concrete contractor in Sevierville, Tenn, according to the two companies. CONNEX technology has created more transparency between them, enhanced communication of orders, and reduced phone calls.

“CONNEX is fast to implement, and it doesn’t change our process for dispatch,” said Wes Blalock, general manager at Blalock Companies. “It just runs in the background.”

Chasing paper down is an age-old industry challenge. Ticket Portal, powered by CONNEX, is the first step in enabling businesses to conduct paperless transactions and increases collaboration between contractors, project owners, heavy material suppliers, and haulers from initial order through to paying the final bill.

“At the end of every month, I get about 10 to 15 tickets back with questions and I have to backtrack,” said Casey Lawson, project manager at Sensible Concrete. “The internal notes on the orders save me time.

“Now, I can just go back into CONNEX and review them there—all in one place.”

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