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Florida Rock & Tank Lines bolsters training with online program

June 29, 2021
Jacksonville-based bulk carrier incorporates Infinit-I’s remote learning to improve productivity, stay safe during pandemic

Florida Rock & Tank Lines recently partnered with Infinit-I Workforce Solutions to complement its in-person training program.

Representatives from the Jacksonville, Fla.-based bulk tank carrier “spent years” searching for the right online training solution, vetting several providers along the way. They selected Infinit-I based on the business education specialist’s history, content selection and word-of-mouth testimonials, according to the two companies.

“We had the opportunity to move in the direction of online training,” said Jim Anderson, vice president of safety risk management for Florida Rock & Tank. “We felt a sense of urgency regarding the DOT’s requirements. With Infinit-I, we can efficiently provide proper Hazmat training to our drivers’ while keeping their health and safety as a top priority.

“The best solution we found was to move the HM126F component of our in-person training to Infinit-I.”

The Department of Transportation requires Florida Rock & Tank to provide HM126F training to new HazMat drivers within the first 90 days of employment, but social distancing made it difficult to provide that level of in-person training.

So Anderson and Tom Serafin, director of safety and training, turned to Infinit-I after reaching out to colleagues for their opinion, and hearing about Infinit-I’s “ease of use, accessibility and content selection.”

Infinit-I updates its catalog and content offering monthly, and its services also include the ability to upload or create safety training videos as a supplement. Florida Rock and Tank now can customize its training program for its unique needs.

“The ability to train our drivers exactly how we want is great,” Serafin said. “We are also working with our maintenance group to do some OSHA training. We are exploring the possibility of expanding our effort beyond the fleet by training our managers and dispatchers, as well.”

Infinit-I called the partnership a “strategic move for the future of training” at Florida Rock & Tank, affording the carrier the opportunity to enhance productivity, capacity, performance, and retention at each of its 19 terminals utilizing a central platform.

“The environment of in-person meetings has drastically changed since the beginning of COVID,” said Jay Wommack, CEO of Infinit-I Workforce Solutions. “In the trucking industry, we used to fill a room shoulder-to-shoulder for annual or quarterly safety meetings. With COVID, that style of training is no longer possible.

“We just can’t do that anymore, it is irresponsible. Infinit-I gives you the freedom to simulate that style of meeting without the risk of exposure.”

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