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UPT rolls out ‘sweeping’ pay increase

June 24, 2021
Largest raise in company history, which UPT says is supported by its customers, includes three new tiers for driver advancement

United Petroleum Transports (UPT) says all of its company drivers at every seniority level will be receiving a “permanent and significant” increase in their pay.

The new pay scale now is in effect, and company drivers will see the change reflected on their July 9 Paycheck, UPT added. This is the largest driver pay raise in UPT history, reflecting the company’s appreciation for the hard work and commitment to safety for which its professional drivers are well known.

“UPT was founded on the idea of mutually beneficial relationships,” said Greg Price, CEO of United Petroleum Transports. “Both UPT’s leadership and our customers trust our drivers to provide the highest quality of service and a seamless delivery, and our professional drivers trust UPT to take care of them and provide them with the compensation they deserve for their hard work.”

The company’s pay raise comes with the commitment of its customers, who UPT says understand the growing needs of the market and know it is necessary for drivers to continue the tradition of exceptional service. This means independent contractors will benefit as well.

“UPT is honored to have a great reputation with the customers we serve, who are putting their full support behind the decision to increase our driver’s wages,” the company said.

In addition to a pay adjustment, UPT added three more levels to its driver career path, meaning long-term drivers now have more opportunities for advancement, and corresponding increases in pay.