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ThermoTrack tracks liquid cargo temperatures in real time

June 11, 2021
Anytrek’s solar-powered thermometer with GPS tracking for tankers helps protect carriers against product spoilage

When transporting temperature-sensitive liquid goods, monitoring and managing the temperature of the cargo is critical.

Anytrek’s new solar-powered, 4G-connected thermometer with GPS tracking can help.

ThermoTrack is a plug-in replacement for all analog tanker thermometers, the company said. Powered by a solar panel and rechargeable battery, it is easy to install as it does not require any wiring or custom installation. ThermoTrack contains a digital thermometer, GPS module, 4G modem, digital display, and a backup battery that is recharged by the built-in solar panel. The digital thermometer connects to the inner tanker shell via a well probe or lug cable.

ThermoTrack is suitable for both hot and cold loads, as it will monitor temperatures from -58 to 257 degrees F, and is suitable for food, kosher, and chemical loads. Designed with an IP67 rating, ThermoTrack also is suitable for caustic hot washes.
The thermometer transmits the tanker’s location and cargo temperature every 15 minutes to Anytrek’s secure server, where the data can then be viewed on a web portal or mobile device. The web portal allows users to view the entire trip history, showing location and temperature along the way.

Fleets can share a “read-only” version of the portal screen with customers, so they also can see the live location and temperature updates of their loads.

With ThermoTrack, carriers can record and display cargo temperatures in transit, protecting them against product-spoilage complaints, and providing customers with chain-of-custody data, Anytrek said, without the need for drivers to stop at regular intervals and record the temperature shown on an analog thermometer.

Benefits of using Anytrek’s ThermoTrack include:

  • Gain a valuable competitive advantage over competitors. Offer customers total transparency on the transport of their load, from pre-load hot wash all the way through to unloading. Provide printed records showing the temperatures for the entire trip eliminating any potential disputes.
  • Real-time visibility. Location and temperature data are updated every 15 minutes using the 4G spectrum ensuring reliable and consistent updates. ThermoTrack will store updates internally if the 4G network cannot be accessed and will transmit them once reconnected, data isn’t lost.
  • Simple, quick installation. Remove the existing analog thermometer, insert ThermoTrack into the existing cavity, screw in place and that’s it. No wiring, no custom installation.
  • Keep customers informed. Reduce customer service costs by providing customers with the ability to view the location, and temperature of their cargo while in transit.
  • Suits hot and cold loads. ThermoTrack is suitable for both hot and cold loads as it will monitor temperatures from -58◦ F to +257◦ F. Its tough construction ensures that it can go through hot caustic tank washes again and again.
  • Increase efficiencies. No more need for drivers to regularly pull over and manually record load temperatures.
  • Integration ready. ThermoTrack is integration-ready. Using Anytrek’s APIs, fleets can use either PUSH or PULL to retrieve data from ThermoTrack into their TMS platform.

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