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Booster: Fleets saved $8.8 million in 2020 with Insights telematics

June 2, 2021
Mobile fuel delivery company’s analytics technology also helps customers reduce CO2 emissions, vehicle miles traveled

More than 280 Booster customers saved a cumulative $8.8 million in energy costs, avoided 2.2 million vehicle miles traveled and averted more than 2 million pounds of CO₂ emissions in 2020 using Booster Insights technology, according to the mobile energy company.

Booster’s Insights dashboard provides fleet managers with a comprehensive overview of their energy and equipment usage, including labor cost savings, vehicle refueling trends, wear and tear, and energy spend. Relying on a range of metrics, the Insights tool integrates with Booster’s mobile energy delivery platform, as well as Booster’s own IoT-connected, data-tracking fueling vehicles.

Insights showed, on average, each Booster customer saved more than $32,000 last year. They also each saved more than 1,200 labor hours (time not spent going to and from gas stations), more than 8,000 vehicle miles traveled, and nearly 7,300 pounds of CO₂ emissions.

“More than ever, the world runs on vehicle fleets. Managing fleets has never been more complex given today’s labor shortages, heightened customer expectations, and critical sustainability targets,” said Frank Mycroft, CEO and co-founder of Booster. “Booster Insights provides fleet managers with the data and intelligence necessary to manage energy and energy-related labor costs, so that our clients can make better decisions, keep costs down, and advance their sustainability goals.”

By quantifying the emissions impacts of switching to alternatives and renewables, Insights also is equipped to track Booster customers’ transitions to cleaner energy sources, the company said. This capability comes at a time when companies are making commitments to reduce their carbon footprints, in part by decarbonizing their fleets, which can be expensive.

Booster, which runs its own fleet of mini mobile refueling trucks, has been using Insights since the tool was developed in 2017.

“As more companies make the transition to hybrid and mixed energy fleets, we predict that data management will become even more essential, as well as complex, fragmented and expensive,” Mycroft said. “Insights allows Booster clients to transition their fleets without having to pay for additional analysis, saving them money.”