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W Energy acquires Chorus Logistics

May 12, 2021
Addition enables management of bulk commodity transport needs across all modes—pipeline, truck, rail, vessel or barge

W Energy Software, specializing in upstream and midstream oil & gas SaaS ERP solutions, recently acquired Chorus Logistics, a transportation management company that offers software and mobile solutions designed to optimize vital transportation, logistics and operations with “unparalleled visibility” throughout the entire workflow.

A natural expansion of W Energy Software’s capabilities, the acquisition of Chorus Logistics enables W Energy Software customers to manage their transportation needs across any mode—pipeline, truck, rail, vessel or barge—through a “best-in-class” Transportation Management System, the company said.

“This is a quantum leap for our customers to track every molecule, move product and know where it is at all times,” said Pete Waldroop, CEO of W Energy Software. “Chorus Logistics is a reflection of our commitment to continued innovation and growing our platform based on customer needs.

“A complementary addition to our SaaS offerings, it is the ideal fit to enhance our energy supply chain that extends from the wellhead to the final point of disposition in one, fully integrated platform. With this superior solution, customers will benefit from increased profitability, improved driver efficiency, better equipment uptime, and enhanced visibility—all while streamlining their operations.”

Developed with the commodity transportation eco-system in mind, the Chorus Logistics suite of transportation solutions is comprised of a cloud-based SaaS product called AXLE Hub and a mobile app called TollTagger. These solutions are fully integrated and work together to deliver data and optimize transportation in real-time.

AXLE Hub is a robust platform, the only one of its kind, that supports a full range of commodity types, including but not limited to crude oil, NGLs, water, refined fuels, chemicals, and aggregates. The TollTagger app guides drivers through every step of the transportation process, including non-driving steps such as loading and unloading. It also supports field operations tasks such as lease assessment, geofencing, tank strapping, collection of flow meter data, and more. Customers appreciate the solution’s robust rate engine and artificial intelligence that provides a level of business optimization never before seen.

As part of this initiative, Jeff O’Block, founder and CEO of Chorus Logistics, will join the W Energy Software leadership team.

“Chorus Logistics brings a history of development and innovation that W Energy Software can amplify,” O’Block said. “The Chorus Logistics product team will have new opportunities to expand the energy supply chain for W Energy Software clients and we will challenge each other to drive innovation in order to proactively meet industry needs.”

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