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Overhaul launches an ‘industry-first’ risk-management technology

May 7, 2021
Company says Truckshield helps carriers identify costly driving behaviors, retain safest new truckers amid ongoing shortage

Overhaul, an intelligence-driven, risk-management technology provider, recently launched TruckShield, which the company says is an industry-first driver management solution that uses existing motor carrier fleet hardware to identify dangerous or illegal driving practices in real time, and implement corrective actions to avoid costly situations.

In addition to identifying and correcting costly behavior, TruckShield defends against predatory legal practices in the event of an accident, digitizes and centralizes insurance, maintenance, and safety management, and builds a data profile to showcase safety culture to insurers.

“As an owner of a trucking company, I can uniquely relate to the frustration of rising premiums, year-over-year, and the constant threat of a catastrophic verdict that can wipe out a business,” said Barry Conlon, CEO and founder of Overhaul. “TruckShield is going to be a game-changer for North American motor carriers because it can provide unparalleled vulnerability protection, as well as quick insurance claims and cost savings. Within minutes, trucking-company management can monitor who is and who isn’t driving safely.”

The company says its solution also can help carriers retain any drivers they’re fortunate enough to hire amid a pandemic-exacerbated driver shortage that could lead to a dearth of gasoline at local stations this summer, according to a recent CNN report.

“TruckShield provides real-time data around individual driver safety and behavior,” said Ronald Greene, vice president of business development for Overhaul, and owner of Regional Express Carrier, which he co-owns with Conlon. “With TruckShield, owners and managers will immediately be notified if a driver is not driving within the rules and enable corrective actions. As new drivers are onboarded and begin to gain experience in the trucking industry, this close handhold will pay dividends.”

TruckShield offers three key features:

  • Protection: Protects companies from the fallout of poor driver behavior, theft, and other events that were previously beyond their control. With a simple app download, they gain full visibility into what’s happening across their fleet without having to install any hardware, while identifying and correcting safety risks like hazardous driving and theft.
  • Management: Manages critical documents related to insurance, maintenance, and safety in one centralized digital location, enabling administrative tasks such as filing a claim to be accomplished with a simple click.
  • Improvement: Demonstrating a safety culture that will bolster confidence with insurers, motor carriers can maintain complete records of driver coaching, maintenance performed, and claims made to expedite insurance renewals while limiting premium increases.

Overhaul says it also is developing a network of commercial partnerships with insurance providers and brokers that will provide TruckShield users with access to lower-cost motor carrier (MC) liability coverage.

Visit over-haul.com/truckshield to learn more.

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