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STEMCO launches GateReader SVT

April 21, 2021
Company’s rebranded mileage solutions offerings use smart vehicle technology to improve safety, streamline maintenance

STEMCO recently added GateReader SVT to its current mileage solution product portfolio.

GateReader SVT, coupled with the usage of DataTrac SVT, is designed to provide data to fleet managers wirelessly and automatically to improve maintenance practices and increase fleet safety. With this launch, STEMCO also introduced STEMCO Vehicle Technology (SVT), a denotation which indicates the product is equipped with smart technology. 

SVT is launching with a group of mileage solution products—including GateReader SVT, and the newly rebranded DataTrac SVT and WebPortal SVT.

  • GateReader SVT: This product attaches on or near the gate at the entrance of the yard and wirelessly captures readings from the DataTrac SVT attached to each vehicle’s wheel end, requiring no trenching or hardwiring.
  • DataTrac SVT: This product attaches to the wheel end on a vehicle and captures accurate mileage activity. Fleet managers can use this data to manage mileage and fuel information, as well as schedule maintenance. Data can be wirelessly transmitted to the GateReader SVT or a third-party telematics provider. This product has been manufactured by STEMCO up until now under the TracBat name.
  • WebPortal SVT: This is the software program that receives all the data collected by the GateReader SVT. Fleet managers can analyze and download the data from their WebPortal SVT login. This software has been licensed through STEMCO and was available previously under the name WebBat.

“With better access to data, the SVT Mileage Solutions line helps improve maintenance efficiency, with our ultimate goal of increasing fleet safety,” said Chip Stuhr, vice president of sales and marketing at STEMCO. “We’re providing the data to ensure that fleet managers can streamline maintenance to get the most out of their assets.

“The open architecture of STEMCO Vehicle Technology gives fleets the flexibility to capture data at a local or global level, with or without a telematics system.”  

The SVT product offerings will be expanded over time to include additional products featuring smart technology, STEMCO said.

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