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Noregon launches technician help line

March 2, 2021
JPRO Technician subscription service offers shops remote assistance with challenging diagnosis, repair work

Noregon recently debuted a new service that offers technicians remote assistance with diagnosis and repair work.

Named JPRO Technician as a Service (TaaS), this new program joins the company’s suite of products and services, including JPRO Professional, TripVision Uptime, and NextStep Repair.

JPRO TaaS is available as a monthly or annual subscription, which provides users with unlimited calls to Noregon’s US-based technicians, the company said. Noregon’s technicians are ASE, OE and JPRO certified and have experience in lead positions at fleets, service centers, military bases, dealerships, and more. JPRO TaaS customers call into a dedicated number when they get stuck on a difficult diagnosis or repair job and an experienced technician helps them solve the problem.

“As a former technician, I know that even the top technicians in the industry sometimes get stumped during a repair,” said Jason Hedman, product manager. “Whether you have an issue that no one in your shop can solve, or you simply don’t want to pull away your top technicians to assist with entry-level work, we’ve got the team in place to get the issue solved and get the truck back on the road.”

JPRO TaaS professionals can assist with a variety of issues, including diagnosis and troubleshooting, engine assistance, aftertreatment problems, electronic issues, and much more for all makes, models, and components covered by JPRO Professional.

“Fleets and service centers in our pilot program recognized the benefits of the service and provided us with a positive response and some very helpful feedback,” Hedman said. “Many used it as an insurance policy to keep bay turn rates and vehicle uptime at optimal levels by completing a higher percentage of repair jobs within the estimated time window.”

To learn more about the service or to sign up, visit

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