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Platform Science adds wellness app to growing marketplace

Feb. 26, 2021
Rolling Strong is the first driver-focused health app added to catalogue of tools for truck fleets

Platform Science, a leading connected vehicle platform, recently added driver-focused health and wellness app Rolling Strong to its app marketplace.

Through this partnership, fleets will be able to offer Rolling Strong to their drivers, in support of the mission to keep drivers healthy, alert and focused, the company said. As with any solution in the Platform Science marketplace, fleets have the flexibility and freedom to choose any app at any time.

“The health, wellness and satisfaction of the drivers who transport every aspect of our lives is a crucial component to ensuring fleets are successful and our economy stays afloat,” said Thomas Colby, senior vice president of partner ecosystem of Platform Science. “Our technology makes it possible for third-party apps, such as Rolling Strong, to be integrated onto the systems of all our fleet partners, and we’ll continue to add more apps that serve drivers and meet their specific needs on and off the road.”

The Rolling Strong health and wellness mobile app offers features drivers can keep at hand, wherever their mobile device is located, including:

  • Nutrition guidance, including meal suggestions and predictive nutrition based on location, truck stop, restaurant and food item search capabilities, as well as daily food logging with calorie counts and targets
  • Exercise programs with guided workout routines, designed to be done anywhere without the need for a gym, based on personalized preferences with duration and intensity choices, and daily step tracking with an integrated wearable activity tracker
  • Sleep time and pattern tracking with an integrated wearable activity tracker, and CPAP integration
  • Personal health records, including biometric data from physicians, wellness coaches or health check stations
  • DOT certification reminders when medical evaluations are due and when medical certificates need to be renewed
  • The ability to connect with a wellness coach

Leading fleets, including Mesilla Valley Transportation (MVT), have used the Rolling Strong app to ensure the health and wellness of their drivers.

“At MVT, we are pleased with having Rolling Strong as our driver's wellness program, said Royal Jones, president of Mesilla Valley Transportation. “Rolling Strong provides a platform and service that focuses on the health and wellbeing of drivers. Our drivers can check their weight and vitals at each of our terminals. It lets them know upfront if their blood pressure is high and indicates if there may be other health concerns that need to be addressed.  Having the app and a wellness coach talk to our drivers about proper diet and fun new ways to exercise while on the road is priceless. These things are just extra care that we can give our drivers to make them feel better about their health and job at MVT.”

Added Stephen Kane, president of Rolling Strong: “We are encouraged to have a partner like Platform Science who recognizes the importance of making driver health tools available. As a former professional driver, I especially appreciate the approach Platform Science is taking to provide meaningful apps for drivers on one device. Today, more than ever considering the driver shortage, an aging workforce and now the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to support the long-term health of the driver population.

“Rolling Strong is glad to be joining with Platform Science to make its mobile wellness app available through their platform to support driver health and safety.”

The Rolling Strong app will be available in the Platform Science marketplace by the end of the year, the companies said.        

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