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Rolling Strong Free Mobile App

Rolling Strong offers free version of mobile app

Jan. 8, 2021
New offering includes self-help assessment, logs for food and sleep, in-app purchases for screenings, coaching

Rolling Strong, a provider of health and wellness programs for transportation companies and drivers, recently introduced a free version of its mobile app.

The new, permanent offering allows drivers to gain awareness around health and wellness risk factors, and use the available app tools to manage them, the company said.

“Professional truck drivers continue to face major challenges with health and wellness,” said Stephen Kane, president of Rolling Strong. “The free version of our app will provide a selection of the many tools we offer for gaining awareness of risk factors and managing health. Included are a complete self-health assessment, the ability to manually log food, hydration and sleep, and a CDL medical exam reminder program.

“There are also in-app purchases available for preventative screenings, coaching sessions and paid competitions. After sampling the app’s capabilities and benefits, drivers can opt to unlock the premium version for more advanced health and wellness tools.”

The premium version of the Rolling Strong app is available for a monthly fee of $5. Its advanced tools and features, include:

  • One coaching session per month 
  • GPS locator for health services, workout facilities, healthy meals locations and health check kiosks
  • Integration with higi health check kiosks at over 14,000 locations and instant access to higi health data
  • Library of Rolling Strong workouts
  • Connection to All Trials maps, reviews and real-time tracking
  • Injury and pain support tool with workouts and flexibility to improve mobility and reduce pain
  • Nutrition profile creator that adjusts dietary plans, makes meal suggestions, and has recipe builder and favorites saving features
  • Access to Rolling Strong games to earn points for healthy choices and double points for wearable collected information
  • Unlimited education, including podcasts, blogs and videos 

The free version of Rolling Strong app is available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play for Android devices.