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Konexial partners with Fleetio

Jan. 4, 2021
My20 users now have access to Fleetio’s platform, providing more uptime through full maintenance lifecycle management

Konexial recently formed a partnership with Fleetio that provides Konexial My20 application users access to Fleetio’s preventative fleet maintenance platform.

Through the partnership, Konexial’s My20 application shares a driver’s location and mileage with Fleetio to help fleets stay on top of regular service items such as oil changes, wheel alignments and brake checks, the company said. Fleetio’s module logs the data and reminds carriers when service is due on each truck to maximize vehicle uptime.

“We continually look for like-minded partners whose technology will improve the operations and efficiency of drivers and carriers of all sizes,” said Ken Evans, CEO of Konexial. “Fleetio helps keep trucks on the road with proactive, preventative maintenance data and will be a great addition to the value of My20.”

Konexial’s My20 application—which uses next-generation telematics technology to automatically log a driver’s location, hours of service and available capacity—was developed with Edge Computing architecture to ensure the system never goes out of service and constant connection to the driver is maintained. My20 analyzes all data, algorithm and logic within the cab on iOS and Android platforms.

Fleetio automatically forecasts the due date of a Service Reminder based on a vehicle's daily average usage, data provided by the My20 application. Carriers can simply set a Service Reminder for things like oil changes and tire rotations and Fleetio will send a notification when a vehicle is predicted to need service.

Additional Konexial products include:

  • My20 Locking System: A keyless, high-security, digital smart-locking platform used to provide trailer and container security for its My20 ELD and Fleet Management customers. The My20 Locking System is secured by Nokē’s smart-locking hardware, with dual-layered encryption keys, and controlled from Konexial’s My20 software ecosystem.
  • My20 DriveLiFE mobile app: A free mobile app for truckers providing next-generation edge computing technology providing truck turn-by-turn navigation, proprietary Dock411 information on docks and points of interest, and a complimentary content stream for drivers.
  • GoLoad Dynamic Load Matching: The GoLoad platform matches up drivers with extra hours and capacity with available loads from shippers based on location, direction, hours of service, and economic criteria.
  • GoMedRx Telemedicine Service: Designed to help its trucking ecosystem of My20 customers receive immediate access to medical advice. GoMedRx is the result of Konexial’s partnership with Everywhere.Care, one of the leading providers of telemedicine services.

For more information, visit konexial.com.

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