Schneider Bulk Im Canada

Schneider expands Bulk Express Intermodal service into Canada

Dec. 11, 2020
New access to Toronto ramp delivers cost, time savings for shippers with cross-border bulk loads, company says

Schneider is expanding its Bulk Express Intermodal service into Canada.

Eight years after it helped pioneer the “revolutionary” service in the United States, Schneider says it’s now bringing its benefits to bulk shippers across North America. 

Starting last week, shippers with inbound and outbound Canadian freight began relying on Schneider Bulk Express Intermodal to deliver truck-like service (with standard transit times plus one or two days). Bulk intermodal safely ships bulk loads by rail, with local and regional drivers handling the final dray. 

The containers, which have the ability to haul up to 45,600 pounds of specialty chemical and liquid payloads, will travel on the CN to and from the Toronto ramp. Inbound freight will be hauled to its final destination by Canadian-based drivers.

“Since we began service into Mexico several years ago, cross-border shippers have seen how much value Bulk Express Intermodal delivers,” said Jason Howe, senior vice president and general manager of Schneider’s bulk division. “We’re excited for shippers moving freight into and out of Canada to experience similar cost savings and fast, safe transit.”

Other key benefits Bulk Express Intermodal shippers will realize include:

  • Eliminates border-crossing delays: Because it pre-clears and runs straight through on tracks.
  • Reduces carbon footprint: Intermodal uses less fuel than truckload transportation, and its emissions are much lower.
  • Alleviates capacity concerns: Bulk Express Intermodal hauls freight across the border via rail vs. a truckload crossing the border over the road, which can lead to issues with customs.

Though Bulk Express Intermodal is expected to expand to other Canadian ramps in the future, today’s network makes the service most efficient for shippers within 150 miles of Toronto or those based in the Western or Southern regions of the U.S., Schneider said.

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