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Air Gas among winners of Trimble's 2020 Ovation Awards

Nov. 2, 2020
TRIMBLE announced the winners of its Ovations Awards during the virtual in.sight user conference

This article first appeared in the October issue of Bulk Transporter magazine.

TRIMBLE announced the winners of its Ovations Awards during the virtual in.sight user conference.

These customers achieved remarkable performance improvements with Trimble Transportation solutions, the company said.

The 2020 winners were:

Analytics Achievers-Best in data utilization: Magnum LTL

Magnum LTL needed real-time data to better plan and make business decisions sooner for its division consisting of 200 trucks and 400 trailers, hauling everything from health care supplies to chemicals and hazardous waste. Documents such as bills of lading (BOLs) and delivery receipts were becoming difficult to manage using their current system, so they worked with Trimble to implement an electronic scanning solution with Vector, an in-cab scanning provider that integrates with Trimble’s Android™-powered in-cab equipment. The impact to the company’s bottom line has been immense, with Magnum estimating that the new solution is saving thousands of dollars per month in subscription costs.

Automation All-Stars-Best in improving overall efficiencies: Triple Eight Transport

Triple Eight Transport’s dispatch and payroll operations began as a highly manual process requiring a significant number of hours each month, and even more support during payroll times. The company started using Trimble’s in-cab equipment and TMW.Suite transportation management system (TMS), which optimized dispatch solutions with the click of a mouse, and reduced the number of staff hours spent calculating payroll drastically, at the same time providing more robust reporting capabilities for metrics such as fuel consumption. As a result of these efficiencies, the company has been able to grow the number of trucks in its fleet by 200 percent without increasing staff hours.

Masters of Uptime-Best in keeping assets up and running: Knight Transportation

Prior to implementing TMT Fleet Maintenance, Knight Transportation was tracking warranty claims and preventive maintenance by hand on spreadsheets, which required a significant number of hours and, at times, missed warranty recovery opportunities. After implementing TMT Fleet Maintenance and working closely with the Trimble team, Knight has seen increased uptime and warranty cost recovery, as well as improved tire management activities due to higher visibility into real-time data and action items. 

ROI MVP-Best in return on investment: Airgas

As an industrial gas hauler, Airgas understands the importance of loading and unloading quickly and efficiently, but was frequently frustrated by the amount of time staff and drivers had to spend in the yard, typically caused by delays in paperwork or product, inefficient yard layouts and more. Airgas worked with Trimble to develop a custom report that integrates with their business intelligence solution to visualize a variety of metrics around the time drivers spent in the yard. By analyzing this data, Airgas gained visibility into the root causes of these delays and was able to take action to reduce the amount of staff yard time across the organization – reaching their goal just eight months after full implementation.

Safety Superteam-Best in advancing safety: AutoZone

AutoZone implemented Trimble’s Safety Analytics dashboard and Video Intelligence solution across its fleet, replacing manually-created driver reports and utilizing objective video footage in driver coaching sessions. The company estimates that the Safety Analytics dashboard now saves a single user 20 hours per month in time they would have spent gathering information for coaching sessions. Additionally, drivers have embraced the objectivity of video footage for event validity and visibility into the context of triggered events, making Video Intelligence a critical tool for not only addressing risky driving behavior, but recognizing good driver behavior and exonerating drivers in collisions in which they were not at fault.

Platform Powerhouse-Best example of a Trimble Transportation power user: Paper Transport

As a people-first company, Paper Transport knows the value of its staff’s expertise. They partnered with Trimble to roll out Trimble Dispatch Advisor to automate and optimize their load matching operations, while still allowing planners to make a final decision about matches. As a result, the company has reduced its deadhead miles by three percent, while simultaneously making sure drivers are returned back home when requested 98 percent of the time, one of the keys to maintaining good relationships with drivers. Paper Transport is also expanding its use of several more functions within TMW Operations, further increasing the company’s efficiencies by improving insights into real-time data and reporting capabilities.  ■