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Atlas adds dual-fuel services

June 2, 2020
Supplier looking to grow Oil Field Services division with on-site diesel, LNG fueling that can lower costs, reduce emissions

Atlas Oil Company is launching diesel and LNG Dual Fueling in an effort to grow its Oil Field Services division and partner with oilfield customers to lower emissions, minimize their carbon footprint, and reduce annual operating costs.

“We’re committed to customer success and are constantly looking at innovative ways to add value to our partnerships,” said Sam Simon, Atlas’ founder, chairman and owner. “Many of our oilfield customers have dual-fuel fleets and were looking to single source their diesel and LNG supply, a service that very few suppliers currently offer. Our team quickly executed a plan to extend our services and meet this increasing demand.” 

Much of the drilling equipment being produced today is built with a dual-fuel or bi-fuel engine that can either operate on diesel fuel alone or by burning natural gas and diesel simultaneously. As a turnkey provider of both products, Atlas’ oilfield customers will have increased flexibility in choosing their fuel, with the opportunity to leverage LNG to reduce their diesel consumption by 40% or more, the company said.

Natural gas is one of the safest and cleanest fossil fuel energy sources available, emitting almost half the amount of carbon dioxide than oil when burned. It also emits little to no sulfur, making it eco-friendlier and more efficient than other fuel alternatives. 

Atlas will continue utilizing its patented Fuel Automation Station technology for diesel deliveries, and will have dedicated liquefiers to compress and store natural gas on location. Using the FAS Cloud, customers can access both diesel and LNG fuel reporting and analytics, as well as the ability to utilize comprehensive reports for both products. Data derived from these reports can be used to identify areas in efficiency gains, create emission and carbon footprint reductions, and drive down overall fuel consumption, Atlas maintained.

“Challenging times call for innovative solutions,” said Michael Meredith, Atlas’ president of frac and rig fueling. “Adding natural gas to our product portfolio will give our customers more flexibility with their purchasing which will continue to drive efficiencies in their day-to-day operations.”