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NTTC announces winners of 2012 safety awards

USHER TRANSPORT INC, Louisville KY, won its second Outstanding Performance Trophy in the National Tank Truck Carriers annual Tank Truck Safety Contest. The carrier received its first Outstanding Performance Trophy in 2001.

Usher Transport earned the award with an accident frequency of 0.132 per million miles during 2012. The carrier also is taking home the Grand Award in the “15-18.5 million miles class” among a group of nine carriers, an honor award in the Personnel Safety Contest, and a 24-year certificate in the 2012 Safety Improvement Contest.

“It’s truly an honor to win this award among such an exceptional group of safe and competitive NTTC carrier companies,” says William A Usher Jr, Usher Transport president. “Usher Transport is proud of its safety commitment and this award is a testament to those company-wide values.

In addition to William Usher Jr, the management team leading Usher Transport includes William A Usher Sr, chief executive officer; Mike baker, vice-president of safety and human resources; and David Guess, safety director.

Contest judges for this year’s safety awards are Paul Bomgardner, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA); Kris Phillips, FMCSA; Thomas Fuller, New York State Police; and Jon Samson, Agriculture and Food Transporters Conference.

The NTTC conducts four annual safety contests each year. These include a Competitive Safety Contest in which carriers compete in separate mileage classes; the Safety Improvement Contest in which a carrier competes against its own record for the previous year; a Personnel Safety Contest that is based on injuries per hours worked; and the Outstanding Performance Contest.


NTTC Safety Awards page 2...


2012 Competitive Safety Contest

Over 90 Million Miles Class
Trimac Transportation Services                        .398
Honor    Ruan Transportation Management Systems      .505
Merit     Pilot Flying J                                                     .540

40–90 Million Miles Class
Liquid Transport Corp                                           .172
Honor    Gemini Motor Transport                                        .241
Merit     Groendyke Transport Inc                                       .333

31.5-40 Million Miles Class 
Tidewater Transit Co Inc                                       .253
Honor    Kenan Advantage Merchant Gas Group                .418
Merit     Linden Bulk Transportation Co Inc                       .431

18.5–31.5 Million Miles Class
Service Transport Company                                 .312
Honor    Ergon Trucking Inc                                              .329
Merit     J&M Tank Lines Inc                                             .492

15-18.5 Million Miles Class
Grand    Usher Transport Inc                                               .132
Honor    CLI Transport LP                                                   .187
Merit     Solar Transport Company                                      .237

NTTC Safety Awards page 3...


2012 Competitive Safety Contest

12.5–15 Million Miles Class 
Rogers Cartage Co                                              .210
Honor    Wynne Transport Service Inc                              .233
Merit     Coal City Cob Company Inc                               .378

7–12.5 Million Miles Class 
Fort Transfer Company                                        .000
Honor    G&D Trucking Inc                                              .139
Merit     Sully Transport Inc                                               .211

5–7 Million Miles Class  
R O Harrell Inc                                                    .000
Honor    Barnett Transportation Inc                                  .144
Merit     H O Bouchard Inc                                               .190

3.5–5 Million Miles Class 
Frontier Transport NA LP                                    .000
Honor    Truck Transport Inc                                             .217
Merit     Schiber Truck Company Inc                                .229

NTTC Safety Awards page 4...

2012 Competitive Safety Contest

Less Than 3.5 Million Miles Class  
Grand       Bulk Carriers Inc                                            .000
Grand       Contractors Cartage, Inc                                 .000
Grand       Ee-Jay Motor Transports Inc                          .000
Grand       Lacy’s Express Inc                                         .000
Grand       Southern Transportation LLC                         .000
Grand       Vickery Transportation Inc                             .000 


Over 5 Million Miles Class 
      Gorski Bulk Transport Inc                                                 .385

Less than 5 Million Miles Class
       Cooney’s Farm Services Ltd                                              .000
Honor       Premier Bulk System                                                         .235

Over 90 Million Miles Class 
    Trimac Transportation Services             Marcel Pouliot (Canada)
                                                                                      Neil Voorhees (US)
Honor    Ruan Transportation Management System        Lisa Gonnerman
Merit      Pilot Flying J                                                    Bruce Carrington

40–90 Million Miles Class 

Grand       Liquid Transport Corp                                             Joel Paska
Honor       Gemini Motor Transport                                   Brent Bergevin
Merit        Groendyke Transport Inc                          Steven L Niswander

NTTC Safety Awards page 5...

2012 Competitive Safety Contest-Safety Officials

31.5-40 Million Miles Class 
    Tidewater Transit Co Inc            David Edgerton  
Honor    Kenan Advantage Merchant Gas Group     
                                                                          Lee Drury 
Merit     Linden Bulk Transportation Co Inc
                                                                                                                 Richard F O’Leary

18.5–31.5 Million Miles Class 
    Service Transport Company                         Wayne Brewer  
Honor    Ergon Trucking Inc                                     David R Purvis  
Merit     J&M Tank Lines Inc                                   Charles Pickens

15–18.5 Million Miles Class  
    Usher Transport Inc                                  David W Guess
Honor    CLI Transport LP                                          John Tippery
Merit     Solar Transport Company                        Bridget D Nixon

12.5–15 Million Miles Class  
    Rogers Cartage Co                                   Mark Brinkman
Honor    Wynne Transport Service Inc                       Alan Roberts
Merit     Coal City Cob Company Inc                      Neil Voorhees

7–12.5 Million Miles Class    
    Fort Transfer Company                              Larry Jackson
Honor    G&D Trucking Inc                                           Jerry Curl
Merit     Sully Transport, Inc                            Brent VanderLeest

NTTC Safety Awards page 6...

2012 Competitive Safety Contest-Safety Officials

5–7 Million Miles Class
Grand     R O Harrell Inc                         Curtis Waskey
Honor     Barnett Transportation I           Tonya Wilson
Merit      H O Bouchard Inc              Stephen Whitcomb


3.5–5 Million Miles Class  
     Frontier Transport NA LP                          Karen Kay
Honor     Truck Transport Inc                           Ken Humphries
Merit      Schiber Truck Company Inc            Robert M Schiber

Less Than 3.5 Million Miles Class  
     Bulk Carriers Inc                                 Mark Johnson
Grand     Contractors Cartage Inc                    Ken Humphries
Grand     Ee-Jay Motor Transports Inc                 Paul Schmidt
Grand     Lacy’s Express Inc                         Earl “Bud” Kubat
Grand     Southern Transportation LLC                   Jamie Carn
Grand     Vickery Transportation Inc                       Paul Baute

Over 5 Million Miles Class 
     Gorski Bulk Transport Inc                 Bernard Gorski

Less than 5 Million Miles Class   
    Cooney’s Farm Services Ltd           Douglas Coonfer
Honor    Premier Bulk System                                   Paul Cote

NTTC Safety Awards page 7...

2012 Personnel Safety Contest

Over 90 Million Miles Class
       Trimac Transportation Services                       1.61
Honor       Ruan Transportation Management Systems     2.27 
       Pilot Flying J                                                    2.35


40–90 Million Miles Class
       A & R Transport, Inc                                                        0.46
Honor       Slay Transportation Co Inc                                               0.99
Merit        Gemini Motor Transport                                                   1.24

31.5-40 Million Miles Class    
       Dupre’ Logistics LLC                                                     1.02
Honor       Kenan Advantage Merchant Gas Group                         1.51
Merit        Linden Bulk Transportation Co Inc                                 1.52

18.5–31.5 Million Miles Class 
       Ergon Trucking Inc                                                        0.44
Honor       Altom Transport Inc                                                       0.58
Merit        McKenzie Tank Lines Inc                                               1.88

15–18.5 Million Miles Class 
       LLL Transport Inc                                                         0.00
Honor       Usher Transport Inc                                                      0.45
Merit        Andrews Transport LP                                                   0.90

NTTC Safety Awards page 8...


2012 Personnel Safety Contest

12.5–15 Million Miles Class 
       Genox Transportation Inc                            0.00
Honor       Cox Petroleum Transport                             0.44
Merit        ITL (Iowa Tanklines Inc)                              0.99

7 – 12.5 Million Miles Class
       G&D Trucking Inc                                                        0.00
Honor       Sully Transport Inc                                                        0.39
Merit        Prospect Transportation Inc                                           0.48

5–7 Million Miles Class
       Barnett Transportation Inc                                            0.00
Grand       Bork Transport of Illinois                                             0.00
Merit        Blue Flash Express LLC                                               0.56

3.5–5 Million Miles Class    
       A J Weigand Inc                                                           0.00
Honor       Frontier Transport NA LP                                             0.98
Merit        GLS Transport Inc                                                        1.18

Less Than 3.5 Million Miles Class
Grand       Bulk Carriers Inc                                                             0.00
Grand       Hoffmeier Inc                                                                  0.00
Grand       Lacy’s Express Inc                                                           0.00
Grand       Vickery Transportation Inc                                              0.00

Over 5 Million Miles Class  
       Gorski Bulk Transport Inc                                              1.60

NTTC Safety Awards page 9...


2012 Personnel Safety Contest

Less than 5 Million Miles Class  
      Premier Bulk System                                  4.10
Honor      Cooney’s Farm Services Ltd                       4.90

2012 Improvement Contest

Thirtieth Year Winner
Rogers Cartage Co, Milwaukee WI

Twenty-Fourth Year Winner
Usher Transport Inc, Louisville KY

Twenty-Second Year Winners
Groendyke Transport, Inc, Enid OK
Lacy’s Express Inc, Pedricktown NJ
Liquid Transport Corp, Indianapolis IN

Seventeenth Year Winner
Ee-Jay Motor Transports Inc, East St Louis IL

Fifteenth Year Winners
Eagle Transport Corporation, Rocky Mount NC
Island Transportation Corp, West Babylon NY


NTTC Safety Awards page 10...

2012 Improvement Contest

Fourteenth Year Winner
M C Tank Transport Inc, West Chester OH

Eleventh Year Winner
Ergon Trucking Inc, Jackson MS

Tenth Year Winners
Blue Flash Express LLC, Zachary LA
R O Harrell Inc, South Boston VA

Ninth Year Winner
G&D Trucking Inc, Channahon IL

Eighth Year Winners
Andrews Logistics Inc, Irving TX
Cooney’s Farm Services Ltd, High River AB, Canada
Ruan Transportation Management Systems, Des Moines IA

Seventh Year Winners
Bulk Carriers Inc, Omaha NE
Foodliner Inc, Dubuque IA
Vickery Transportation Inc, Vickery OH Sixth Year Winners
Abenaqui Carriers, North Hampton NH
LCL Bulk Transport Inc, Green Bay WI
Solar Transport Company, West Des Moines IA
Tidewater Transit Co Inc, Kinston NC

NTTC Safety Awards page 11...

2012 Improvement Contest

Fifth Year Winners
Fort Transfer Company, Morton, IL
Roeder Cartage Co Inc, Lima OH
Southern Tank Transport Inc, Holly Hill SC
Truck Transport Inc, St Louis MO

Fourth Year Winners
J&M Tank Lines Inc, Birmingham AL
Frontier Transport NA LP, Morgan’s Point TX
Southern Transportation LLC, Holly Hill SC
Superior Carriers Inc, Oak Brook IL
TransWood Logistics Inc, Omaha NE

Third Year Winners
Carbon Express, Inc, Wharton NJ
K-Limited Carrier Ltd, Toledo OH
Questliner Inc, Dubuque IA
Wynne Transport Service Inc, Omaha NE

Second Year Winners
Barnett Transportation Inc, Tuscaloosa AL
CLI Transport LP, Claysburg PA
Contractors Cartage Inc, Fenton MO
GLS Transport Inc, Bedford Park IL
Service Transport Company, Houston TX

First Year Winners
Coastal Carriers of Connecticut LLC, Ansonia CT
Gemini Motor Transport, Oklahoma City OK
Genox Transportation Inc, LaPorte TX
H O Bouchard Inc, Hampden ME
Kenan Advantage Fuels Delivery Group, North Canton OH
Liquid Cargo Inc, West Palm Beach FL
LLL Transport Inc, Mission KS
Pilot Flying J, Knoxville TN
Premier Bulk Systems, Richmond Hill ON, Canada
Prospect Transportation, Inc, Carlstadt NJ
Slay Transportation Co Inc, St Louis MO
Ventura Transfer Company, Long Beach CA




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