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Fontaine, Daycab offering International cab expansion

April 1, 2019
Ship-thru agreement for HX series trucks allows customers to receive modified vehicles sooner

Fontaine Modification and Daycab Company are offering a new extended cab option for International HX Series trucks that adds 8 inches of interior space to the rear of the cab.

This cab expansion gives drivers additional space for storing personal items and adjusting their seats for maximum comfort while on the road.

Many fleets choose the HX Series for applications where length is a primary concern because of the design’s short bumper to back of cab measurement. But for applications where this is not as critical, an extended cab can expand the truck’s versatility.

“In some applications where drivers spend extended periods of time in their trucks, additional cab space can improve their safety, efficiency and comfort,” said Jamil Young, president of Fontaine Modification Fleet Services.

“This new modification is a simple, effective solution.”

The cab extension was designed to use many original equipment parts, maintain the existing cab and exhaust mounting, and utilize only minimal specially designed parts. Daycab builds the extensions at its Tennessee manufacturing facility and paints them to match the existing cabs. Fontaine then installs them on the trucks at its Laredo TX modification center, which is located near the Navistar International manufacturing plant where the HX Series is built.

After installation, Fontaine returns the trucks to International’s transportation system. Using this ship-thru process allows customers to get their vehicles quickly and efficiently, while reducing logistical time and cost.

To learn more about Fontaine’s modifications for International trucks, visit fontaineoems.com/international-page.

For more information about Fontaine Modification, visit fontainemodification.com.