Holland FW17 Series fifthwheel standard on new International RH tractor

May 3, 2017

SAF-HOLLAND announced that the Holland FW17 Series fifthwheel has earned standard positioning on Navistar’s International RH Series regional haul tractor.

“We are honored once again that Navistar selected the HOLLAND FW17 as its standard fifthwheel on International RH Series tractor,” said Jeff Talaga, vice-president of sales & strategic development, Americas. “This new standard position represents the importance of our continued partnership with Navistar.”

As the lightest weight cast-steel fifth wheel, the FW17 Series has a 50,000-lb maximum vertical load and a 150,000-lb maximum drawbar pull capacity. Designed as an economical solution for weight conscious on-highway fleets, the thin-walled cast steel top plate of the Holland FW17 provides the optimum combination of durability and low weight. Its locking system design features a greater kingpin contact area over competitive models, resulting in longer kingpin and lock life.

The FW17 release mechanism includes a patented lever arm design to minimize the pull effort required in addition to protecting the handle from damage during a missed couple. A userfriendly lock adjustment system makes the lock adjustment process simple and readily accessible. All FW17 models come standard with No Lube articulation pocket liners.

SAF-HOLLAND also announced the introduction of its new Severe-Duty Slider System for Holland fifthwheels used in heavy- and severe-duty hauling operations. The Severe-Duty Slider System has 80,000-lb vertical load and 200,000-lb drawbar pull capacity.

Designed to work with Holland FW35, FW33, and FW0070 fifthwheel models, inboard and outboard mounting systems are adaptable to all fifthwheel configurations including Kompensator and No-Tilt wheels. Kompensator mounting systems provide fifthwheel top plate side-to-side cradle movement on uneven terrain, relieving torsional stress and twist for high center of gravity rigid trailers. No-Tilt mounting systems provide for seamless conversion to a rigid No-Tilt fifthwheel for applications where articulation is provided on the trailer.

The severe-duty slider’s modular, service-friendly design allows fifthwheel heights to be easily changed. Available bracket-mounting heights range from 8-inch to 11-inch, and can be easily changed to meet all OEM and heavy-haul customer configurations. The severe-duty slider system provides slide travels – 12-inch, 24-inch, 36-inch, 48-inch, 60-inch, and 72-inch to accommodate a wide range of weight distribution and clearance needs. Two-inch slide increments enable versatile positioning to meet any payload distribution requirement.

New visual plunger lock indicators are located toward the front of the slide bracket for easy visibility so drivers can quickly ensure that the slide bracket is securely locked in place. In addition, the in-cab air slide release control allows drivers to easily reposition the fifthwheel when required.