VTRCORP high intensity deceleration warning lamps protect against distracted drivers

May 17, 2017

VTRCORP has over a decade of experience engineering and manufacturing deceleration warning lamps for numerous vehicle markets. The company’s new TruckALERT auxiliary lamp utilizes the latest advances in motion sensing technology to provide a powerful visual warning when it senses just how severely the driver is braking.

The programmed flash pattern is proven to capture and hold the attention of motorists, greatly enhancing safety for the driver, while helping to protect the vehicle and payload.

These warning lamps are the same in use by law enforcement, emergency vehicles, and the military. They are manufactured in the USA to SAE standards, and are compliant with all applicable DOT and NHSTA requirements. Each unit has undergone extensive testing for extreme thermal conditions, vibration, shock, moisture intrusion, and firmware execution. The product is backed by a five-year warranty.

To see actual results and learn more, visit www.vtrcorp.com.