Mack proprietary 16,000-lb front axle now available

May 3, 2017

Mack Trucks’ proprietary 16,000 lb front axle is now available for order on the Mack Pinnacle axle back and axle forward models. Mack made the announcement during ExpoCam in Montréal PQ, Canada.

Built to bear the heavier loads commonly found in Canada, the 16,000-lb Mack FXL front axle enables carriers to transport more cargo, improving productivity and efficiency. The 16,000-lb front axle is also available in the United States.

“Our 16,000-lb front axle improves performance with the same legendary durability and reliability that Mack pioneered,” said Roy Horton, director of product strategy for Mack Trucks. “It’s designed significantly heavier so that our customers can improve their efficiency by transporting more payload at one time.”

Mack axles, engineered to work seamlessly with Mack MP engines and Mack transmissions as part of Mack’s integrated powertrain, offer superior strength and improved fuel efficiency. Developed to provide a stable and smooth ride under demanding loads, the 16,000-lb axle also simplifies maintenance, improving uptime for customers.

Mack Pinnacle models are built to handle the toughest challenges, delivering great power, fuel efficiency and maneuverability. The addition of the 16,000-lb front axle for heavy loads further maximizes a customer’s bottom line.