Paragon launches HydraAIR for tank fleets

April 4, 2017

With the introduction of HydraAIR, Paragon Tank Truck Equipment now offers bulk liquid chemical haulers a more efficient means of supplying oil-free air for offloading liquids from tank trailers.

HydraAIR combines Paragon’s newly introduced piston-style oil-free air Compressor with Paragon’s proven hydraulic oil cooling system in a compact unit that is installed behind the cab. Options include a hose rack with air line storage, auxiliary hydraulic capabilities, and a convenient location to organize all of the needed trailer connections (in transit heat, brakes, electrical). The base HydraAIR system weighs just 311 pounds.

Designed and manufactured by Paragon, the oil-free air compressor ensures that no oil residue passes into the liquids being offloaded. Two air delivery options are available with the HydraAIR compressor enabling 105- to 145-gallon per minute offload rates. The self-contained unit is quick and simple to install. The installer only has to connect the hydraulic suction hose and pressure line connection to the hydraulic pump.

HydraAIR’s compressor and hydraulic oil cooler are protected from the elements by a stainless and steel compartment. The unit mounts behind the cab with quick access from the top for the air and hydraulic filters. It fits in just 20 inches of space behind the cab.

For ease of operation, HydraAir comes with three easy-to-read gauges: air, hydraulic, and filter pressure. A hydraulic oil cooler sight glass makes it easy to check the oil level. HydraAIR’s controls make it easy for the operator to switch the hydraulic flow to power other tractor and/or trailer hydraulic functions as needed.

Paragon’s HydraAir is in production and available for order now. Contact