Pete’s new Model 567 meets demands of vocational market

June 1, 2013
Peterbilt Motors Company unveiled its all-new vocational Model 567 during the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky. The Model 567 is the result of an extensive product research and development effort.

Peterbilt Motors Company unveiled its all-new vocational Model 567 during the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky. The Model 567 is the result of an extensive product research and development effort.

“The new Model 567 builds upon Peterbilt’s long history of providing customers with the most durable and reliable trucks that are designed to endure the harshest of vocational applications,” said Bill Kozek, Peterbilt general manager and Paccar vice-president. “From the 567’s rugged design and versatile configurations to its enhanced visibility and new spacious interior, this new model exceeds the demands of our customers’ unique vocational operating requirements.”

At the core of the 567 is the durable aluminum cab that is stronger for long-lasting endurance and comes standard to meet severe-service requirements. Strategically-placed steel reinforcements were designed to increase strength and optimize rigidity. The 567 cab endured rigorous testing at the PACCAR Technical Center in Mount Vernon, Washington.

“For additional strength and cab stability, steel upper A-pillars and rear corner reinforcements have been added,” said Landon Sproull, Peterbilt Chief Engineer. “The large cast aluminum front cab mounts distribute road stresses evenly, reducing road-induced wear and improving ride quality.”

In addition to cab durability, the signature stainless steel oval mesh grille and surround provide protection from gravel and road debris and bears the iconic Peterbilt styling. The new Metton hood is highly resilient, absorbing many impacts that would shatter or crack other materials. The hood pivot system has a protection feature that directs energy around the cooling module in the event of an impact.

The forward lighting system on the Model 567 is a proven design that significantly enhances down-road visibility and reduces driver fatigue. The headlamps feature projector module low beams, which have a 2,000 hour lifecycle, and complex reflector high beams.

Maximum forward visibility is achieved through a panoramic windshield that features integrated locaters in the cab structure to allow for high-quality and time-efficient field repairs. A-pillars utilize strategically placed supports for added strength, allowing them to be 13% narrower than other designs, further enhancing visibility.

The Model 567 is designed with the versatility necessary for vocational trucks which are often required to perform highly specialized jobs. The 567 is available in two BBC configurations – the 121-inch and 115-inch – in a day cab or with a selection of detachable sleeper configurations.

Three sleeper sizes—44”, 70”, and 80”—are offered. The large sleeper opening gives the feel of an integrated sleeper design while maintaining the resale-enhancing detachable sleeper construction.

The 567 can be spec’d with a wide variety of heavy-duty components and in a number of configurations for increased payloads and optimized weight distribution. The 567 is available in a set-back front axle configuration for increased maneuverability in congested worksites and with steer axle ratings up to 22,000 lbs. An angled steering gear installation further improves maneuverability by increasing wheel cut by up to 9 degrees over other designs, reducing curb-to-curb turning diameter by up to 9 feet.

The 567 features a chassis design that reduces weight for increased payload capacity, improves stiffness for an exceptional driving experience and improves maneuverability for operating in congested worksites. In addition, the chassis is 10 to 15 percent stiffer than comparable products improving ride and handling while reducing in-cab noise.

The Model 567 comes standard with front air disc brakes. Complementing Air Disc Brakes, the standard Electronic Stability Control System provides added stability and traction by applying the brakes when excessive wheel slip or a critical stability threshold is detected.

The Model 567’s interior combines ruggedness and durability with comfort and performance for the vocational market. The new interior begins with a 2.1 meter-wide cab that is spacious, provides a quiet, ergonomic environment that reduces driver fatigue and improves efficiency.

The Model 567 is available in Peterbilt’s Platinum and Prestige trim levels. The Prestige interior is made with durable materials that are easy to clean and show fewer scratches and scuffs. The Platinum features woodgrain highlights throughout the cab and sleeper. The available interior colors are Titanium Gray and Buckskin Tan.

The new gauge panel is easy to read, completely visible through the steering wheel, and provides critical and functional information to the driver. The Model 567 also features a 5-inch color Driver Information Display. The display features important information including an engine-RPM sweet-spot indicator to help drivers maximize fuel economy. A secondary panel can house up to six optional gauges or, when specified, Peterbilt’s SmartNavTM audio and navigation system.

The Model 567 dash brow is sculpted and positioned for excellent forward visibility. The dash top is made from a soft, durable material and includes an integrated tray for quick access to often-used items. All other dash shell and kick panels, along with the steering column shroud, use molded-in-color parts to minimize scratching and marring.

The Model 567 will have two steering wheel options. The Standard wheel is an 18-inch soft-touch, four-spoke wheel and the Premium wheel is leather-wrapped and features wheel-mounted audio and cruise control buttons. Both steering wheels feature tilt and telescoping capabilities through an easy-to-use, column-mounted lever.

The 567 is available with the new PACCAR MX-13 engine, which features proven technologies and state-of-the-art innovations that improve fuel economy. Power offerings are expanded with the addition of a 500 horsepower rating with 1,850 lb-ft of torque. The 567 is also available with the Cummins ISX15, proving up to 600hp for heavy haul applications. ♦