Kenworth launches ICON 900, new mid-roof sleepers for T680, T880

June 5, 2015
Kenworth announced a customized limited edition premium truck, as well as 76-inch mid-roof sleepers for its T680 and T880 tractors at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

Kenworth announced a customized limited edition premium truck, as well as 76-inch mid-roof sleepers for its T680 and T880 tractors at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

Kenworth will offer the ICON 900 in a limited production run and is already accepting orders. There’s no truck on the road that garners more attention and double-takes than a Kenworth W900L, and Kenworth has taken it to another level.

“Timeless, classic style, heritage of quality, a trucker’s truck,” said Jason Skoog, Kenworth assistant general manager for sales and marketing. “It’s the ICON of the trucking industry. We’re proud to recognize the W900L’s heritage with the limited edition Kenworth ICON 900.”

The ICON 900 can be ordered in any color and comes standard with many chrome and stainless steel accessories that make this truck truly stand out on the open road. The Kenworth ICON 900 features a chrome hood badge that is a one-of-a-kind and only available on the Kenworth ICON 900. Other distinguishing features include stainless steel fender guards, upgraded headlights, headlamp covers, under door panels and sleeper panels, grille closeout panel, plus large sun visor are just some of the items that create a stunning exterior package. The Kenworth ICON 900 is available with 72- or 86-inch sleepers and up to a 600-hp engine.

“LED panel lights mounted under the cab and sleeper panels, along the roof, and to the front and rear of the stainless air cleaners make the truck visually spectacular when running at night,” Skoog said. “Amber LED side turn indicators and four-inch sealed LED stop, turn, and taillights emit a unique glow for a special ambiance.

“Inside, we have a custom dash plate showing the production number for this limited model. Also included are high back leather seats with special embroidering to signify the limited edition, the sofa bed is upgraded to leather to match the seats, and the dash surrounds and door pads are chrome.”

Mid-roof sleepers

Kenworth also announced the introduction of a new 76-inch mid-roof sleeper for the Kenworth T680 and T880. Full production is expected to start in the fall.

“The Kenworth 76-inch mid-roof sleeper is optimized for liquid bulk tankers, flatbed haulers and other operators looking for a lighter weight, more aerodynamic truck with all the driver comforts of a full-height sleeper,” said Preston Feight, Kenworth general manager and PACCAR vice-president.

The mid-roof sleeper provides 100-pound weight savings when compared to Kenworth’s 76-inch high-roof sleeper and up to a 5% fuel economy savings for tanker and flatbed applications, depending on load conditions.

“For many truck operators, obtaining additional payload capacity can make a big difference in potential profit. The efficient mid-roof design has lower drag, and provides a reduction in fuel expenses,” Feight said.

As far as driver comfort, Kenworth’s 76-inch mid-roof sleeper provides drivers with 6-1/2 feet of headroom to offer taller drivers greater ease of movement and gives all drivers a spacious work environment.

The 76-inch mid-roof sleeper features a liftable lower bunk and side storage towers, including hanging storage for drivers to store their clothes. Also available is an optional upper bunk for team drivers or a back wall sleeper storage unit.

Available as a factory-installed option is the Kenworth Idle Management System. The battery-based auxiliary power unit system for air conditioning is integrated directly into the ducting system. Combined with an insulation package for the cab and sleeper, the system provides continuous AC performance in typical off-hour downtime. The sleeper offers a premium sound system installed at the factory, or a mount for the customer to install a flat screen TV for even more driver enjoyment.

With the new addition, the Kenworth T680 family’s configurations will include the 76-inch mid- and high-roof sleepers, 52-inch mid-roof sleeper, and day cab. The Kenworth T680 with the PACCAR MX-13 engine received the 2013 ATD Heavy Duty Commercial Truck of the Year award.

The Kenworth T880 family will include day cab, 52-inch sleeper and 76-inch mid-roof sleeper configurations. The Kenworth T880 with the PACCAR MX-13 engine recently received the 2015 ATD Commercial Truck of the Year award.  ♦

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