Benecor DEF mini-bulk systems perfectly designed for fuel islands

July 19, 2016

Benecor, a leading manufacturer of complete diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) systems and a Husky Corporation strategic alliance partner, has introduced a new line of products designed to make DEF bulk storage and dispensing a reality for a wider cross-section of customers.

Benecor’s Mini-Bulk Standard Duty Series is available in three different sizes of DEF storage and dispensing capability. All are designed for use on standard fueling islands, with turnkey installation that allows fleet and retail customers to start pumping DEF quickly

“This is an exciting new product line that offers a truly unique solution,” said Husky Corporation Executive Vice-President Brad Baker. “Benecor designed the Mini-Bulk Standard Duty Series based on feedback about what DEF customers need in terms of size, shape, footprint, and cost.”

• Mini-Bulk sizes: 750-gallon, 1,000-gallon or 1,500-gallon. The 1,500-gallon version is the largest on-island DEF option on the market.

• Standard-Duty Storage: Warm or cold weather storage applications.

• Standard-Duty Systems: Storage and dispensing for warm weather applications.

• Standard-Duty Plus Systems: Storage and dispensing in warm or cold weather. Because DEF freezes at 12˚F (-11˚C), this unique optional package will withstand even the harshest cold weather conditions.

“These products come at the right size and price-point to allow a large number of fleet, government, retail and unattended fueling site customers to capture the advantages of bulk DEF,” said Benecor President Brendan Foster. “With the number of vehicles that are required to use DEF constantly increasing, the Mini-Bulk series will make DEF bulk systems economically viable for increasing numbers of customers.”

Benecor Mini-Bulk Standard Duty products are rugged fiberglass-based units that have been fully-tested to ensure years of trouble-free use. Benecor is the only manufacturer to use fiberglass construction, a material that is not affected by the corrosive nature of DEF. Benecor systems meet ISO 22241-3 & 4 standards for dispensing and storing DEF.

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