Continental offering silicone hose elbows for NA heavy-duty aftermarket

April 13, 2016

Heat and extreme temperatures are big enemies to the engines in today’s truck world. That’s why Continental is now offering SAE certified silicone hose elbows that exceed OE specifications.

“Engine temperatures in newer heavy-duty engines can run extremely high,” said Brent Lloyd, heavy-duty channel manager for Continental division ContiTech. “These Continental hose elbows compliment what we already offer on SAE radiator hose products and other silicone products such as charge air cooler hose and heater hose.”

Silicone rubber has historically been used in specialty applications to meet requirements other elastomers can’t handle, and they have the largest application temperature span of all rubbers. “Today’s heavy-duty truck engines require more stringent emission requirements and our 4-ply coolant silicone hose and elbows will meet or exceed OE specs to meet these extreme environmental conditions,” said Lloyd.

Continental says that silicone has a 400-degree continuous rating and a 450-degree peak rating. “In these high temperature applications, silicone hose will typically last the service life of the vehicle,” Lloyd added. “If your fleet operates under conditions that involve frequent mountainous terrain and maximum weight cargo that drive up the engine heat, then silicone hose may be money well spent in the long run.”

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