Valvoline launches new grease with breakthrough viscosity delivery system

March 30, 2016

Valvoline is introducing an innovative new grease designed with a breakthrough viscosity delivery system trademarked Valvoline Cobalt Grease with Pressure Activated Technology.

Offering true heavy-duty performance, Valvoline Cobalt Grease reduces friction and can handle heat in extreme environments. The Pressure Activated Technology allows Valvoline Cobalt Grease to deliver ISO 1000 lubricating fluid, ensuring EP protection and sufficient film thickness on even the heaviest-loaded metal surfaces.

"When compared to common competitive products, Cobalt has tested phenomenally, both in the field and the lab," said Fran Lockwood, Valvoline's senior vice-president of research and development. "This new formulation has proven to be unique in its ability to provide excellent film strength under tremendous loads."

Valvoline Cobalt Grease contains a lithium sulfonate complex thickening system that provides metal with inherent corrosion protection in harsh environments, even salt water. This one-of-a-kind grease also offers pumpability and extended oxidation protection to help promote longer service life.

"We expect Valvoline Cobalt Grease to improve our customers' asset reliability and uptime by reducing grease related failures and optimizing maintenance intervals," said David Young, vice-president, channel partner sales.

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