STEMCO SuperSpare mount targets wide base tires

March 16, 2016

STEMCO, an EnPro Industries company and manufacturer of heavy-duty components and solutions for the commercial vehicle market, introduces the SuperSpare spare tire mount for truck tractors.

Efficient and easy to use, SuperSpare is designed to be mounted on the tractor to simplify tire-related roadside maintenance. Installing SuperSpare technology also makes the adoption of fuel-saving super-single tires more practical.

Although super singles add better than 3% in fuel savings through decreased rolling resistance on the road, they require immediate replacement when damaged. Having an easily accessible and replaceable spare mounted on the tractor is therefore vital to a safe and efficient use of super-single tires.

SuperSpare can be installed on tractors with at least 43” of available frame rail space, and is compatible with both wide base and regular truck tires.

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