Eaton expands Fuller Advantage Series automated 10-speed transmissions for vocational use

Feb. 3, 2016

Eaton has expanded coverage of the Fuller Advantage series automated overdrive models for use in vocational applications. Initially launched in other applications in 2013, Fuller Advantage transmissions offer many benefits compared to the UltraShift PLUS including reduced weight, increased efficiency and lower maintenance costs.

Vehicle control is vital in a vocational application, so Fuller Advantage automated overdrive models can be configured with optional Urge to Move, Creep Mode and Blended Pedal functionality for enhanced low-speed maneuverability in situations such as backing into a loading dock or maneuvering in a construction job site.

“The Fuller Advantage automated transmission has proven to be extremely reliable,” said Evan Vijithakumara, product strategy manager, Eaton. “Now it’s ready for vocational duty with 110,000 pound GCW capability, 6- and 8-bolt PTO openings, and driver confidence features such as Hill Start Aid and intelligent gear selection logic.”

The Precision Lubrication system represents one of the key features in Fuller Advantage transmissions. The system reduces the oil churn energy losses found in traditional transmissions by nearly 33 percent. With less heat being generated, Fuller Advantage transmissions do not require a transmission fluid cooler and corresponding lines and fittings. The result is less preventative maintenance is required while engine fans cycle less, further reducing horsepower demand.

An oil level sight glass allows for routine oil checks to be performed at a fraction of the time typically required, and the precision lube system uses only 16 pints of oil which is nearly half the amount used in traditional transmissions.

Additional weight savings have been achieved by replacing cast iron with aluminum for the shift bar housing (manual models), auxiliary section cover and range cylinder. Exact weight savings are dependent on the make of truck purchased as cooler weights vary by the cooler manufacturer.

“Vocational fleets currently operating our FR series manual transmission, and who are considering an automated transmission in their next truck, will really appreciate the performance and peace of mind that the cooler-less Fuller Advantage transmission offers,” said Molly Doyle, heavy-duty transmission sales manager, Eaton.

All Eaton Fuller Advantage Series transmissions are supported by Eaton’s Roadranger network that includes more than 200 drivetrain professionals throughout North America who provide solutions, support and expertise to fleets and dealers.

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