WABCO launches budget parts brand ProVia

Jan. 27, 2016

WABCO, a leading innovator and global supplier of technologies that improve the safety and efficiency of commercial vehicles, announced that it has launched a budget spare parts range to be marketed under the brand name ProVia.

ProVia helps maintenance shops and fleet operators serving the commercial vehicle industry to bridge the gap between low-end budget parts which can often fall short of quality and reliability expectations and the higher investment required for premium level aftermarket parts for trucks, buses, and trailers. ProVia parts represent an exceedingly attractive option for operators to maximize their return on investment by helping to extend the revenue generating life and safety performance of older commercial vehicles.

Marketed with the brand promise “There is so much more in every box,” ProVia budget spare parts are specifically engineered with a no-frills design that meets reliable performance standards without compromise on quality or safety. ProVia currently features a portfolio of more than 40 individual products in four of the aftermarket’s most popular replacement categories, including:

• Brake pads--ProVia now covers the most frequently used air disc brakes (ADB) in leading truck, bus, and trailer platforms in markets around the globe. ProVia brake pads come with more than 20 different kits that offer replacement alternatives for more than 300 part numbers of various commercial vehicle builders.

• Coupling heads--Developed in compliance with ISO 1728 standard, ProVia’s coupling heads offer effective protection of the pneumatic connection of the braking system between trucks and trailers against application-related pollutants such as dust, dirt or moisture as well as harsh weather conditions.

• Relay valves--ProVia offers five different relay valves for commercial vehicle platforms of more than 20 manufacturers worldwide.

• Coiled and straight tubes--ProVia’s uniquely designed, five-layer coiled and straight tubes meet stringent ISO 7628 and ISO 7375 standard requirements and protect the coil from harsh environmental factors. ProVia’s simple and smart approach also reduces complexity with an innovative, six-tube design that offers the same functionality as approximately 50 other coiled and straight tubes currently available in the market.

Behind the ProVia range is the industry-leading capability of WABCO’s extensive global engineering, manufacturing, distribution and service network for aftermarket parts. As a result, ProVia can ensure quick delivery times and high service levels.

By the end of 2017, ProVia is projected to feature budget part alternatives for more than 25 additional product categories for commercial vehicles worldwide, including air dryers, cartridges and pressure limiting valves. More information on ProVia is available at http://www.provia-auto.com/.