Victory Blue expands DEF distribution network

June 3, 2015

Victory Blue has added to its diesel exhaust fluid production and distribution capabilities with new facilities in Las Vegas NV and Drayton ND.

The new Las Vegas facility is a state-of-the-art DEF manufacturing terminal that is considered an important component in the company’s rapidly growing corporate footprint across the United States.

As with all other Victory Blue terminals, the Las Vegas location has the ability to manufacture 30 million gallons of DEF annually, offers 24/7 operations giving customers the flexibility to manage their transportation assets, and is rail-served to receive dry urea prill and liquid DEF.  The location is strategically located to leverage Interstate 15 and Interstate 40 thoroughfares to service customers in Nevada, Utah, northern parts of Arizona and southern California.

Victory Blue’s product offerings from the Las Vegas facility include the company’s own brand of DEF as well as Valvoline’s and other private brands that are delivered in 5,000 gallon bulk shipments, intermediate bulk containers (drums and totes), 2.5 gallon jugs and 1 gallon jugs.

Based in Keller TX, Victory Blue currently has corporate owned manufacturing plants in Stockton CA; Phoenix AZ; North Little Rock AR; El Paso TX; and Fort Worth TX.  These sites combined with dozens of partner sites ensure Victory Blue is able to deliver product to customers coast to coast with unparalleled efficiency and service. 

On the partner side, Northdale Oil Inc has announced that it will produce Victory Blue’s diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) at its Drayton ND production facility to service customers in North Dakota, Minnesota, and Manitoba, Canada. Northdale Oil has six retail locations, but also has a very successful commercial business that serves gas stations, farms, and homes with the highest quality gasoline, diesel, jet fuel/aviation gas, biofuel, diesel exhaust fluid, propane, and lubricants/motor oils. Northdale Oil also offers a complete line of DEF tanks and storage solutions along with pumps and hoses to ensure the highest standard in care, custody and handling of the solution.