Donaldson Clean DEF filter is introduced

Feb. 10, 2015

Clean Solutions, a division of Donaldson Company Inc, introduces a convenient, effective solution to deliver clean diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) to protect selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems on vehicles and equipment.

The Donaldson Clean DEF filter helps maintain DEF quality to industry standards to avoid repairs, downtime, and possible voiding of warranty by removing harmful particulate and preventing plugged dosing valves on the SCR system.

This DEF filter removes harmful particulate and prevents clogged dosing valves, thereby ensuring the proper function of the SCR. That also extends the life of the onboard DEF filter, which prevents unplanned downtime. Features of the Donaldson DEF filter include:

•High-efficiency filtration of 1 micron at beta 5000

•Heavy-duty, fully compatible stainless steel material construction—inside and out

•Precise high-tech internal seal to prevent contamination on clean side

•High maximum working pressure of 300 psi

•Integrated gauge/sample ports

For more information, call 952-887-3168 or contact Scott Grossbauer at [email protected].