Ryder leads the way with conversion to high efficiency engine oil

Jan. 21, 2015

Ryder System Inc, a leader in commercial fleet management and supply chain solutions, claims it is the first national maintenance service provider to convert its entire bulk oil program to low viscosity, high efficiency engine oil. The 10W-30 grade oil is now being used to service all Ryder lease, rental, and maintenance customer vehicles as part of the company’s regular preventive maintenance program.

Ryder officials say using the more efficient oil will enable customers to achieve up to a 1.5% improvement in fuel economy.  In addition, the move will translate into a collective reduction of almost 110,000 metric tonnes of carbon (CO2e) emissions annually.

“As a leader in our industry, we have a unique opportunity and ability to improve cost efficiencies and reduce the environmental impacts of our operations, as well as those of the tens of thousands of customers we serve,” says Scott Perry, vice-president of supply management and global fuel products for Ryder. “This initiative is the latest example of proactive steps we take to continually improve the performance and sustainability of our customers’ fleets.”

Ryder uses approximately three million gallons of engine oil in its operations each year. Through the company’s automotive waste recycle and reuse program, Ryder annually recycles approximately three million gallons of used oil, 100,000 million gallons of oily water, 12,000 drums of used oil filters, 47,000 gallons of solvent, and 100,000 automotive batteries. This program results in a reduction of more than 22,000 metric tonnes of CO2. For more information about Ryder’s sustainability programs, download the company’s Corporate Sustainability Report (http://www.ryder.com/en/about-us/sustainability.aspx).