PRO-Link iQ simplifies vehicle diagnostics

March 1, 2008
New from Nexiq Technologies is its Pro-Link iQ, a hand-held scan tool for commercial vehicle repair, maintenance, and information

New From Nexiq Technologies is its Pro-Link iQ, a hand-held scan tool for commercial vehicle repair, maintenance, and information. Designed for easy and reliable scanning of vehicle functions and performance, it “represents the next generation in handheld diagnostic tools for heavy duty truck maintenance,” says company director Tom Kotenko.

In association with software design and development firm Menlo Innovations, NEXIQ Technologies worked with heavy duty truck technicians to understand what they needed, wanted, and expected in the scan tools they use. The companies found that technicians wanted clear, sharp graphics, easier data downloads, and a larger screen. In addition, simplicity, intuitive use, and navigation were “musts.”

The result, Kotenko says, is a tool that “simplifies vehicle diagnostics and makes the process more productive, efficient, and accurate. Pro-Link iQ was developed to diagnose engine faults, create data lists, provide trip information, and perform special functions tests and reports.”

Using it is intuitive and requires a minimal training period. Technicians can pick up the Pro-Link iQ and begin working with it immediately through a series of touch screens, sorted by a set of clearly marked navigation tabs. Data — text and graphs — are displayed clearly and colorfully in an easy-to-read manner “on the industry's largest (8.4-inch) touch screen that allows for the display of much more information than conventional hand-held scanners,” he notes.

Constructed to withstand shop wear and tear, the Pro-Link iQ is portable, lightweight (weighs 2.5 pounds), and powerful for easier data downloads. It has a simple, common user interface across all OEM (original equipment manufacturer) applications and a large capacity for information storage.

The tool comes with a number of applications, including a generic Heavy Duty Standard (HDS) application broadcast of public data for medium and heavy duty trucks, and OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) II for light and medium duty vehicles. Also available are proprietary OEM applications for the Caterpillar ACERT, Detroit Diesel DDEC III, IV and V, and International mid-range engines.

Coming soon are a variety of Allison transmission and WABCO air and hydraulic applications. More applications will be added later. Existing applications will be updated regularly through the Internet.

Pro-Link iQ is available nationwide exclusively through Snap-on franchisees. After May 8, it will be available through NEXIQ Technologies distributors. NEXIQ Technologies is a division of Snap-on.