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Volvo VNL delivers enhanced connectivity

March 11, 2024
Increased uptime delivered by data-based maintenance and key product design elements

NEW ORLEANS—Touting the recently launched Volvo VNL as “the most connected truck ever built by Volvo,” Volvo Trucks North America representatives detailed a range of benefits that enhanced connectivity will bring to customers—including annual savings of up to $3,400, based on improved uptime. 

The new Volvo VNL made its public debut this week in VTNA's display at the American Trucking Associations Technology & Maintenance Council Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition here.

Customers will experience increased uptime through even more accurate, data-based maintenance and key product design elements targeted to save fleets time and money, explained Magnus Gustafson, VP of connected services, during a press briefing.

“Leveraging our connected services such as remote diagnostics and remote programming, we have seen a reduction of up to 24% of unplanned stops through actionable insights to ensure that we don't take trucks out of service for items that can be handled during normal maintenance windows,” Gustafson said. “The entire truck is now capable of being updated remotely. Furthermore, we have decreased programming times, and we have made improvements to our remote diagnostics service, which is even more accurate than it has ever been before.”

Likewise, trucks are monitored by the 24/7 Volvo Uptime Center, and Volvo Trucks took its commitment to the customer a step further last fall with the launch of the all-in-one fleet management portal, Volvo Connect.

Volvo Connect suite of services

The suite of connected services offered by Volvo Trucks continues to grow following the launch of Volvo Connect.

Through Volvo Connect, customers can monitor their trucks in near real-time, see pending remote programming updates, and manage vehicle health data and safety items. The ability to see pending remote programming update availability in specific trucks from one portal allows fleet managers to notify drivers to perform the update the next time they are stopped and safely parked.

With the My Truck App, drivers can also receive insights on engine fluid levels, washer fluid, and potential light faults before they arrive at their truck to begin their pre-trip inspection. They can also set the climate control to reach their preferred temperature before arriving to start their shift.

“You can do comparisons to top-performing vehicles, bottom-performing vehicles, find correlations between operating routes, and so forth,” Gustafson said. “Parameter settings have been very insightful for our customers: Road speed limit—what is the truck actually set at?—and idle shutdown, all of which can also be configured over the air.”

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