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Kenworth enhances T680’s driver assistance system

Nov. 8, 2023
New features include Adaptive Cruise Control Stop and Auto Go, which help drivers maintain safe driving distances and keep their trucks on the road

Kenworth recently enhanced the T680’s advanced driver assistance system in its T680, adding Adaptive Cruise Control Stop and Auto Go to the Bendix Fusion system.

The upgrade enables the system to apply braking to maintain a safe following distance and will bring the truck to a complete stop, if necessary, and hold it in place, Kenworth said. When the truck can move forward, it will automatically accelerate to the vehicle set speed without driver intervention and maintain a safe following distance.

In the event a truck departs the roadway, a new “Highway Departure Braking to Zero” feature will provide an audible chime and apply braking to reduce vehicle speed if the vehicle begins departing the roadway. In some circumstances, the system may reduce the vehicle speed to a full stop until the driver re-engages.

“Driver assistance systems play a key role in making commercial trucks easier and less fatiguing to operate,” Jim Walenczak, Kenworth assistant general manager for sales and marketing, said in a news release. “These new features will complement safe driving behavior and provide drivers more convenience operating in cruise control.”

In addition to these new features, Kenworth is building upon its previous driver assistance system offerings with improved Adaptive Cruise Control, Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), and more, the company said. 

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