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Western Star expands 49X heavy-haul, construction capabilities

June 14, 2022
Two of the latest features, the power hood and Meritor P600 drive axle, will begin production on the 49X starting September 2022.

New options aimed to widen coverage for heavy haul and construction applications are now available for Daimler Truck North America’s Western Star 49X model.

First, Western Star has introduced the optional power hood for the 49X, designed to allow for higher horsepower and more cooling for set-forward front axle configurations. Made from the same impact-resistant, durable, lightweight molded resin material as the sloped 49X hood, the power hood is designed for applications, such as heavy haul, oil field service, and construction, which require higher horsepower ratings.

The power hood is available with the Detroit DD16—up to 600 hp/2050 lb.-ft. torque—or the Cummins X15—up to 605 hp/2050 lb.-ft. torque—engines and the 49X’s 1600-square-inch radiator.

The second option to expand the 49X’s heavy vocational application coverage is the Meritor P600 planetary drive axle. Available in tandem or tridem rear axle configurations, and paired with the Neway AD260 or AD390 rear suspensions, the P600 is designed for heavy-haul applications with GCWs of 200,000-plus lb.

The power hood and P600 drive axle will begin production on the 49X starting September 2022.

“The 49X already is the most advanced vocational truck on the market. These new features make it more powerful and versatile so it can deliver even better performance and results for customers,” Mary Aufdemberg, general manager of Product Strategy and Market Development, Daimler Truck North America, said in a press release. “Western Star loyalists will appreciate how the more traditional design of the power hood evokes the brand’s storied heritage.”

Also available for order now on the Western Star 49X and 47X trucks are factory-installed twin steer front axle options available in set-back axle configurations. These twin steer configurations are designed for heavy construction applications, such as a concrete pumper, oil field service trucks, cranes, mixers and more.

The 49X offers Detroit tandem front axle ratings of 40,000 and 36,000 lb., paired with equalized flat leaf front slippered suspensions. The 47X features a Detroit tandem front axle rating of 40,000 lb., paired with equalized taper leaf front suspensions. These twin steer options offer increased load capabilities on the front axles along with improved steering traction, weight distribution, and easier cab access compared to previous Western Star models.

In addition to these factory-installed, set-back axle twin steer options, the 47X offers a twin steer prep kit for set-forward configurations. Factory twin steer production begins in late 2022 for the 49X and early 2023 for the 47X.

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