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Suttons Tankers upsizes tractor units

April 14, 2022
New, larger Volvo FH Globetrotter trucks intended to improve driver comfort are part of a $19.7 million investment in the company’s U.K. fleet

Widnes, England-based Suttons Tankers is adding new, larger Volvo tractor units that are better suited for long-distance and overnight journeys to its United Kingdom fleet as part of a $19.7 million (£15 million) investment.

The move, intended to improve driver working conditions, is in response to driver feedback, the company said.

The first consignment of 15 new Volvo trucks already is serving customers in the fuels, general chemicals, and waste sectors in the U.K. Suttons expects to deploy another 110 new trucks by the end of the year.

The new Volvo FH Globetrotter features a number of safety and comfort upgrades, such as LED headlamps, adaptive cruise control, a large fridge/freezer, an integrated microwave, comfortable bed, and upgraded seat.

“I am delighted to see the first of the new Volvo FH Globetrotters arrive at Suttons sites and on the roads,” said Michael Cundy, Suttons Tankers managing director. “These new cabs are the result of an open dialogue with our drivers to better understand their needs and to create a more comfortable working environment”

The tractors purchase supports a recent $2.6 million (£2 million) investment in in-cab technology, which includes the deployment of Microlise telematics and technology across Suttons’ entire U.K. fleet, the company added. The new technology enables Suttons to manage its fleet more effectively through vehicle tracking and utilization reporting, as well as managing driver performance and improving driver communication.

Suttons maintains driver well-being is of the “upmost importance,” and the new truck cabs ensure drivers on long trips are comfortable and well rested, helping to safeguard them and other road users.

“The new FH cabs make overnight and tramping jobs much more pleasant,” said Steve Kennedy, a Suttons driver operating out of Widnes.

“As someone who can spend up to five nights on the road, the increased space, improved build quality, and features such as fridge and microwave really make my days on the roads and nights parked up easier, so I can focus on the job.”

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