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TE Connectivity adds commercial connectors

Feb. 28, 2022
Expanded interconnection system now includes Unsealed 36 and 48 Position Monoblock Connectors featuring compact, high-density design

TE Connectivity recently expanded its unsealed interconnection system for industrial and commercial transportation vehicles with the addition of Unsealed 36 and 48 Position Monoblock Connectors.

The Unsealed 36 and 48 Position Monoblock Connectors feature a robust, compact, and high-density design with an improvement of the well-established lever system, reducing the mating force and improving the assembly process, according to the manufacturer.

“TE’s unsealed interconnection system is an excellent solution for customers in search of unsealed, rugged and flexible connectors, specifically designed for inside-cabin, bulkhead and control-unit applications of on- and off-road vehicles,” said Zhaowen Zhou, senior engineering manager at TE. “With the addition of the Unsealed 36 and 48 Position Monoblock Connectors, we now offer a broad portfolio of one- to 48-position connectors that are dependable and easy-to-assemble.” 

Unsealed 36 and 48 Position Monoblock Connectors also offer integrated and separate secondary locking features to enhance contact alignment, as well as adopt the popular AMP MCP 1.5K and MCON 1.2 contact systems with the new all-in-one mono housing composition, improving strength and the overall application experience, TE said. The four color-codes help to reduce mis-mating with all 36 and 48 position connectors fitting inside existing bulkhead cut-outs to eliminate the demand for further design changes.

Visit te.com/ict for more information.

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