Trailer technician category added to TMC national skills competitions

July 27, 2016

The Technology & Maintenance Council has added a new competition track for its National Technician Skills Competition--TMCSuperTech 2016. The new track will showcase the specialized skill set of the industry’s trailer technicians during this year’s event, scheduled for September 18-21 at the Raleigh Convention Center, Raleigh NC.

The new Trailer Technician Competition Track will run concurrently with the traditional commercial vehicle technician track, but will feature a number of specialized stations just for trailer technicians, in addition to a limited number of stations common to all professional technicians competing in this year’s event. Registration opens August 1.

“The purpose of the new trailer technician track is to showcase the specialized set of skills these professionals use every day to keep North America’s freight rolling and recognize a group of technicians who otherwise may not have a chance to compete at a national level in a technician competition,” said Carl Kirk, ATA vice-president of maintenance, information technology & logistics. “The technology finding its way on today’s trailers is every bit as complex as what’s found on tractors and straight trucks. And skills stations dedicated to this area are warranted.”

ATA President and Chief Executive Officer Chris Spear said: “The work our industry’s technicians do is critical to keeping trucks on the road moving America’s freight. Events like TMC’s National Skills Competition highlight not just that importance, but the proficiency of these highly skilled men and women.”

The trailer technician track will feature a total of 21 stations, including a written test and a number of skill-specific stations including Safety/Environmental, RP Manual, Trailer Lighting, Torque, Electrical/Electronics, Wheel End, Fasteners, Precision Measuring and Lighting Systems as well as six stations unique to the trailer track, which are: Trailer Alignment, Roll-up Doors, Trailer Antilock Braking System, Trailer Electrical System Corrosion, 7-Pin Connector Repair, and Trailer Fasteners.

Additionally, the trailer technicians will compete in the following stations that are shared with the all-encompassing professional TMCSuperTech 2016 track: Electrical/Electronics, Brakes, Tire & Wheel, Wheel End, Fifthwheel, and Liftgates.

Technicians will not be able to compete in both the all-encompassing track and the specialized trailer track. For 2016, the trailer track will be limited to no more than 42 technicians.

The trailer technician track is made possible through the charter Platinum-level sponsorship of Hyundai Translead; Gold-level sponsorships of Aurora Parts and Lite-Check; and Silver-level sponsorships of Great Dane, Mckinney Trailer Rentals and Peterson Manufacturing as participants in TMC’s Friend of the Technician program.