Truck-Lite offers online technical courses

May 21, 2014

Truck-Lite Co LLC announced the implementation of an online series of technical courses as part of its new Truck-Lite Training Institute (TTI) program.

This program offers web-based lessons that educate distributors, technicians, and fleet personnel who sell, use, and maintain equipment with Truck-Lite products. By taking advantage of TTI, the user can obtain the most up-to-date knowledge of ongoing advances in heavy-duty lighting and visibility systems.

TTI consists of training modules focused on product knowledge, technical expertise, diagnostics, and systems solutions. Users will gain in-depth knowledge of Truck-Lite products and their functionality. The “Lighting and Harness” module is the first of many TTI series to launch. This series includes these courses:

•Basics in Electricity—Covers definitions, major concepts, wire calculations, and voltage drops.

•Lighting Evolution—Offers a walk through time; teaches the origin of Truck-Lite, the evolution of bulb-replaceable, sealed, LED lighting, and return on investment.

•Lighting Fundamentals—Describes why lights fail, troubleshooting failures, tips to prolong lighting life, and product pitfalls.

•LED Lighting Performance—Explains popular lighting terms and definitions and the best method for measurement of LED lighting.

•Harness Fundamentals—Articulates harness basics and color codes, explores methods for diagnosing failures, and shows proven repair methods.

•Regulations and Questions—Outlines federal lighting requirements, SAE ID codes, and common legal questions.

Each module concludes with a short test, ranging from 10 to 30 minutes in length. Once a user has successfully completed all the courses, he or she will be awarded a certificate of completion and a promotional incentive.

Trainees can easily access TTI courses by visiting via desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. No software has to be installed and nothing has to be downloaded; all that’s needed is access to the Internet.

Additional information can be requested by email at [email protected] or by calling Truck-Lite Customer Service at 800-562-5012.