Schipp’s Pro Power Wash-TANKERKleen expanding operations

April 4, 2018
Schipp’s Pro Power Wash-TANKERKleen will be serving its customers with five wash bays in its tank cleaning operation in Albert Lea, Minnesota.

JUST a few weeks from now, Schipp’s Pro Power Wash-TANKERKleen  will be serving its customers with five wash bays in its tank cleaning operation in Albert Lea, Minnesota. The company also has added or expanded a range of services over the past several years.

With the latest expansion, the company will provide non-foodgrade and chemical tank cleaning in the existing 12,000-sq-ft building. Two new wash bays in a 12,000-sq-ft building just south of the original facility will be dedicated to foodgrade cleaning.

The company also plans to expand its MOBILEKleen Division, which services both residential and commercial accounts throughout Southern Minnesota and northern Iowa.

“When I look back to where we were just a few short years ago, I can’t believe how far we’ve come,” says John Schipper, the company’s founder and chief executive officer. “It’s really humbling.” 

Danielle Schipper, chief financial officer, adds the decision to expand operations was a logical move in light of the consistent double-digit growth the company has achieved over the past 30 months.

Kipp Hardison, director of sales and marketing, says: “We want to create and develop a tank wash facility like no other, and I think we are well on our way to doing that. By continually adding new programs, amenities, and incentives, we are raising the bar for wash racks everywhere and to me that is exciting.”

Cleaning system

Non-foodgrade and chemical cleaning is served with a Peacock Model 636 single-pass high-pressure/low-volume cleaning machine. The new foodgrade bays have two Peacock Model 660 computerized wash units.

With the new Peacock units, Schipp’s can pre-program wash profiles for constant quality control as well as customize washes for specific customers. This ensures that the company can meet the Juice Processor Association, Kosher, and other customer-specific foodgrade cleaning requirements. Schipp’s Pro Power Wash recently received certifications from Monsanto and Syngenta Prep, and had a successful JPA recertification audit.

Foodgrade wastewater handling remains a relatively straight-forward process. Much of the cleaning is done with steam and hot water, and pre-treatment consists of a system designed by John Schipper. 

Edible oil separation takes place in a series of tanks. After the oil rises above the wastewater, it is skimmed off and sold to a company that makes biodiesel. The remaining water is diluted and released into the city sewer. 

Wastewater from chemical tank cleaning also is sent to a series of storage tanks. All of the chemical wastewater is hauled away for approved treatment and disposal. Schipp’s is adding a commercial grade vaporizer to reduce the amount of non-foodgrade waste generated during cleaning.

With the recent growth workforce has increased to 19 strong and management plans on adding an additional seven employees over the next 18 months. To ensure that all employees have the best skills and understanding of the operation, Schipp’s has developed an in-depth 60-day training program for all wash bay techs.

“This in-house training program has helped us to grow a solid team of professionals throughout our company,” John Schipper says.

Better training—combined with the company’s quality control systems, processes, and procedures—is delivering clear benefits for the family-owned wash rack. The company has been able to maintain one of the lowest rejection rates in the industry (just eight rejections in all of 2017). 

“Our rejection rate is low for one simple reason,” says Mike Schipper, general manager. “Our wash bay crews are the best. Turning out a great product with each and every tank cleaning is our number one goal.”

Current hours for the cleaning operation are Monday-Friday from 6 am to 10 pm and Saturday from 8 am to noon. Call-out service is available any time. 

“Offering an any-time wash-call-out service has proven to be helpful for our customers who need a washout on a Sunday or major holidays,” Mike Schipper says. “Time is money, and we are here to help these drivers save time.”

Schipp’s Pro Power Wash also meets customer needs with its “Drop-n-Go!” service. Customers who leave tanker inventory with Schipp’s never have to wait for a live wash. They simply drop their dirty tank and hook to a clean one. With the growing popularity of the “Drop-n-Go!” service, Schipp’s will occasionally run a third shift to meet the guaranteed 24-hour turn around for dropped tanks. Dropped tanks are staged in a designated area in their three-acre parking lot.

Drivers waiting for a live wash can enjoy one of two drivers lounges with leather furniture and Free: gourmet coffee, cable TV, wifi, showers, laundry, and pool table. A variety of food choices are also available onsite.

Schipp’s “Driver VIP Program” rewards the drivers directly with a free Logo Wear after their fifth wash out and $50 in vouchers to the local Petro/Trails Truck Stop after their tenth tank wash.

Maintenance Offerings

The company offers a tanker preventative maintenance program that helps keep drivers on-the-road. Schipp’s Pro Power Wash has expanded its tank trailer repair services by adding a full-time mechanic and creating an onsite repair facility. The expanded parts department and retail store include the top 100 tanker parts and gaskets, along with a wide variety of stainless steel caps, plugs, couplers, adapters, and more.